Saturday, September 12, 2015

"All in all" a poem

All in All


All in all I'm all of yours

All for you my young adored

Greed for greed I give you most

All my flesh and all my ghost.


Every second of my day

I spin like gold from mundane hay

Every moment of the seem

I hammer out to foils of gleam


And wrap you gifts, these glowing things

Toys of spirit, hearts to sing

Birthing worlds for you to find

Inventing symbols, inventings signs


Inventing tongues for us to speak

All for you, your every each

Till spent at night when all is still

I fructify your lips with will


And offer all my heart to you

from blondish hairs to rugged shoes

Giving you my deepest bliss

Sealing us our doom with this.




-- R µ Я --

-ıl|¦¦|lı- Perfection Is Easy -ıl|¦¦|lı-


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