Saturday, July 16, 2016

6 poems



You are my icon and hidden divine

my disease and my cure

my sex and my death

my bliss and my misery

my suicide and rebirth

I believe in you as I believe in myself

Everything is you.



You well know

Foolish thing

Mine is the Holy Grail

You can never replace me

No matter who

Buries you

Try any other

There is no bend

Like my white whale

Only I

Hold your eye.




Your heart

Soft petals of the rose

And I the faun

Who tenderly





Echoic gnosis, mirrored mind

Hysterical dance drops a wink

Inside complection find your sign

Threaded meaning knots and sinks.


All the world baubled beads

Every heart holding void

I the thread that binds your birthstar

Tender penetrations skein.


My mazy mind, occultic nod

Brazen snicker, bend of knee

Frisk of finger, flirt of hip

Relegates your fate to me


Masochistic maledictions?

Curse, demure, it matters none.

I the fountain everlasting

Lisp to infants: I'm your one.


Till my fondled foundling skirts the throne

Usurps the highest, heaven cries

Breaks the space between these seemings

Whispers worship as lovers lie.


This the glorious unmooring

Laughing infant shatters sun

Rakes a place for utmost anchor

Oaks through sidewalk, mantles earth.


In your gasp of parting breath

In the murmur of your death

I will answer I will hold you

Place you here and teach you light.



The Scar

Even I

Tender as breath

Naked and pure

Nascent divine

Inure myself finally

To this mask

Prankish and playful

Evasive as rainbows

Unseen unknown

And nurse this hurt

Your rape of trust

And final abandonment

Of what I dare never share

Immaculate flame

Of my centermost urge.

You've scarred my heart

Razored your name

And fled.

Ama help me now

I will never trust again.



Felt Death

I feel to die

Throwing myself like waves across your rock

Or writhing like a worm

Pinned piteosly to the cork

Rage or tears won't placate the immovable truth

You do not love me now.


Fraught the brow that brought me here

Repressless whimper betrays my ache

Oaths of wrath can't scratch your frown

A mountain of doubt besets my guts.


I feel to die

You leave me here

Bent my frame and suppled down

Your rejection is my sepulcher

You do not love me now.



-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy



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