Saturday, April 23, 2016

five recent poems



My fevered fervor fills with flame

My stark arched shoulders,

Your stark arch name.

Amakiss plethorabyss!

Flushed and blushed

I wince and blink,

My eyes reflect on pools of ink.

Inky ringlets cloak our white,

We thrust a sunrise on the night,

Till swept and nested on my breast

You weave our words, eternal nest.





My zebra

mocks the bridle

Ducks my snare

Bares me trap.


Show your handle

I will fill your doubt with love

            your ache with bliss

            your hold with seed

The self evident balks proof

The real balks demonstration


This rueful child palms the cricket

Whose freedom leap falls in her other hand


I the god who worships you can never fall away.





You're the meaning of my life

Dulcinea, Beatrice

Sillything, everything

I feel you in my heart each night

A knife turning like a key

Nobody can touch me thus

Nobody can know me so

Heap me! Grate me!

Doom and break me!

Take my teeth and black my eye!

My love is suicide

I love you with my life.

How the horror of this ardor?

How the ever of your name?

What the nimbus round your visage?

What the triumph of our flame?

So lisp a missive,

Calm my fretting

Murmur softly

Promise hope

Leave us laughing

and forgetting

Hopelessly alive for us.





Who upon entering life

If shown the whole of trouble waiting

Would dare surpass his mother's gates?


And how -- I often wonder

Could I spare the blade

Without you, Ama, beside me?


You beard the man's forebearance

Sanctify his tomb

Lullaby the nights of knotted worry

Grace the maze your loom.


You hold me from your distance

Gravitas my leverage

I bend the bolts of resistance

Your word upon my tongue.



The direction I bow


You my Kaaba, your heart my stone

Your ear a turned shell whispering oceananic secrets

Your hush my penance, your words my hymn

Your verse my scripture, your song my revelation

Your face theophany

Your absurdity my dance, your indignation my fret

I wear your flame upon my heart

I hold your name upon my tongue

In misery I blame you

In jealousy I claim you

In joyfulness I thank you

In eagerness I see you

All in all my eversong.



-- R 88s Я --

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