Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On the yawning start of my lifelong love

Dear Friends and Family—


I write you on the the commencement of the fresh morning yawns of a lifelong marriage to tell you of the joy of life!

I praise with gratitude the Universe, Mother of us all, and All of All, for the joy of my perfect bride Sherry!  How grand is life and grandly to be lived! We find pleasure, we find sorrow, and we each know in our inmost innermost that we are eternal, and made to live forever in the joy and love of MotherAll for all eternity.


What an honor and a joy to share my place in the greater good with my joyful family, who I pledge lifelong fidelity, to be true to the day I die: my angel Sherry and our cherub Natalie.


Life is for fullness, to create and to own: we are each measured for greatness, and greatness the universe expects of us, praises us, speaks in our heart to the joy we were meant for.


Give her gratitude. And where others say worship, I say instead, adore.


In love,










\\ Perfection Is Easy //


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