Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Waiting again (revised)

Okay I ended up hating that poem. So I tried again.


Waiting Again


Where’s your word of explanation?

Tongue as jealous as death!

Holding back your last breath

Must I throw my arms in frustration?

Merely dreaming of you?

Warm as pulse, kiss like glue

Golden love from bee’s gestation.


Where’s your gift of loving respect?

I set down verbal cages

Pretty traps—please engage them!

Must I search your silvery aspect

But to glance a mere lance

Of moonlay by chance

And bottle the secret like an insect?


Where’s your return, to reclaim the stolen?

Your words dance in my hand

Like spit in a pan

Must I pretend that your silence is golden,

Your trace pains the prison

Like silent derision

Depth’s breath strives high for heaven’s devotion.








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