Wednesday, August 25, 2010

tao de jing (verses 46-50)

Alright, I have spent a few days on the next five verses of the Tao (46-50); and then I am taking a break to refresh my mind. I will add that the Tao is my favorite scripture for its humility, more than any religious text, and also for its beauty. The gospels lack the first, the dhammapada lack the second, the quran lacks either.

By the way, anybody who wants me to send the first 40 verses, send me a request and I will email them to you.


Daniel Christopher June







The world has Tao:

Racehorses are bridled to haul fertilizer.

The world lacks Tao:

War horses thrive in the countryside.


There is no greater calamity

Than discontment

There is no greater calamity

Then wanting more.

Therefore be content with contentment

And you’ll be content indeed!




Without stepping out your door

You can know the world

Without looking out your window

Tou can see the way of heaven


The more you travel

The less you know.


Thus the sage

Travels not

Yet knows

Looks not

Yet names

Works not

Yet wins.





Seek knowledge daily

And you’ll gain.

Seek Tao daily

And you’ll lose

Lose it

And you’ll lose again.


Thus strive until you can’t strive.

Without action yet not without action


Conquer the world forever thus

Without meddling.

The man of meddling affairs

Hasn’t the stuff for conquering worlds.





The holy man lacks a set mind

Thus everyone’s mind becomes one.


To the good I am good

The the bad I am also good

For virtue is excellent.


To the truthful I am truthful

The the liars I am also truthful.

For virtue is excellent.


The sage abides the world in peace.

Making the world universal in his mind,

The sage sees all people as his children.






From life comes death.

Three out of ten men are friends of life

Three out of ten men are friends of death

Three out of ten men are merely passing

One from the other.

Why is this?

Because they all live too intensely


But the remaining one in ten lives a good life.

He travels the land and fears no rhino or tiger.

Enters the battlefield without shield or sword

The rhino has no place to sink its horn

The Tiger has no place to set his claws

The soldiers have no place to press their blade.

Why is this?

Because he lacks an appointment with death.


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