Thursday, November 4, 2010

and another three poems


I write these while I’m working my mindless job. The rate of their production is perhaps a commentary on how much they are worth. Nevertheless, to be able to compose them helps me get through the day, and avoid the depression of doing something pointless.

Daniel Christopher June



The three poems of October 4th!




Dissecting eye

Of I-borne mind

Subtle cut

Of word defined


Thick of life

Made thread of truth

With each new feel

I think anew


Crystal eye

Divines through murk

Prism lens

Bends difference stark.


Translating touch

To conceptual forms

From guts of earth

Is Heaven formed.






Tempo Poem


Faster and mounting the task meretriciously

Bursting the bounds and fast forwarding stoplessly.

Smooth. Cool. Breath like a metronome.

Force. One. Dancing fast xylophone.

Ever increasing a feather flightfully

Arrowing eagerly feasting forth frightfully.

Tenderly centering single attention

Like a lover alone I bring joy to completion.






Rembrandt - Jacob Blessing the Sons of Joseph.JPG

Draw Near


Oh my lovers, Draw near, Press a kiss,

Your love is …always so dear to me.

You were ever Such children

Its stories you’d hear from me


Today we all grow older

You keep whispering mysteries

Its time you grew bolder.


My stories are simple

If you know the gimmick

Observe the beginning

There’s logic in it.


The rest its unfolding

Like this unfolding hand

Where is that beginning?

Right there at the end!


This one is young as the day I met her

That one grew younger

She’s glad that I let her


Oh my lovers, there is still time,

still time for new stories.







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