Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"The Metamethod" an essay

This short  section of my essay is about the central power in creativity, the Metamethod, which is the method of making methods. Having developed this Metamethod, which could also be called “style” or “personality,” we can create any number of strategies for life. This and the subsequent method explore what a Metamethod is.

Take Care, Caretakers!


Daniel Christopher June






2. The Metamethod



            The greatest method is the metamethod, the method by which we make methods. Everything in the world can be done well, better perhaps than you can do it now. You must know how to look at it, how to study its nature, how to experiment with possibilities and figure out an optimum.  We must know how to invent a new method for every occasion, and also how to steal any and all methods we wish, for aside from the conviction of lawyers there is no such thing as "copyright."

            Techniques require centuries to learn. That I write this way or that required thousands of writers to purify these methods, which I absorb readily from every facet of the diamond of language. Philosophical methods, sciences, arts, are not invented all at once by the artist, but only stylistically tweaked by this artist or that. I use all the methods known to man to publish myself, yet there is nothing in my language, in any of it, that only I can write. It is all me, and only me, and yet what I am is not the language, the way the magnet is not the iron fillings that fall in place through its field. I choose these words, but I could have chosen others. My spirit animates all of them, lives forever in them, and yet is more than them, and will ever speak anew.

            Make projects of your life. Make them spontaneous, novel, find for each a new method. The soul ever publishes new needs in the form of some energy itching to get out. When the time is ripe, do what you will. Never read a genre piece. Never read the author who writes twenty books the same. Each work must answer a burning question within the writer’s heart. Each new essay should have a unique method, a personal trope, a lynch pin unlike all the others, as do the poems of the Tao te Jing which each cluster around a unique trope, placed with grace like a dimple in the infant's smile. The womb of creation is sacred.

            Make your method of methods, make it intuitional. Calculation needs only appear if it errs. I need see no programming language if I wrote my program right. Otherwise I am flooded with code. Quote no rules when I am walking perfectly.

            The structuring ideas inform a work and conform its patterns, but they lack any quotable reality in themselves. An encyclopedia of theory can go into a poem which would be otherwise impossible, yet the theory is angelic, heavenly, and therefore nonexistent, pure fiction, something above and beyond anything real and important. Each man is his own star, and follows the fate of his innermost inevitability. Life's frustrations are inevitable; the best of us persist.












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