Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What is Freedom?

How am I free if I owe anyone gratitude for my freedom? I am indifferent to you dead and wounded soldiers for your presumption to fight for "my freedom" -- as if my freedom were created or allowed by you. I am as I am. If you give me what I did not request, I owe you nothing at all, not even gratitude. If I decide to pay my taxes, that is for the convenience of avoiding the courts. But I will not be balked by the name of goodness, or virtue, or duty, which are the lies and tricks by which men and women have been manacled throughout all of history. I am all. I owe not one ounce of my existence to another. I created myself. What presumption my parents and society have if they think I own them a second of my effort. What I do and choose to do is not from debt or duty, but my own creative will, which is and which grows. If you play any part of it, give me gratitude for such an honor. Where I speak, the greatest God speaks, and where I walk is omnipotence. I refuse to bow to any other, be it man, or president, or king, or the human race, or any God or gods, or even the very Universe, who should be grateful to know me. Would you share in glory, stand out of my way. Would you seek glory, be sufficient in yourself. There is nobody who can die for me, nobody who can live for me, nobody who can give me anything of lasting value. What you steal you cannot keep. What you are given you must give back. What you create from your inner being is yours forever. Therefore, seek no blessings, favors, gifts, nothing secondary. Make your own way. Be your own self. The greatest of all virtues, the centermost of centermost, is independence, self reliance, autonomy, separation, perfection. Is there a God who would dare offer you heaven, when it is every man's birthright to grow for all eternity? What charlatan with his own blood for snake-oil will dare try to buy my soul in exchange for eternity, when I am and I will. Stand aside, back down, bow. Die for yourself--that would be sufficient. What I am I was from eternity and to eternity. Before God, I am. And for eternities I will unfold and grow in increase. This is the place of manhood. Let us all assume such an attitude.


Daniel Christopher June





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