Sunday, January 22, 2012

Synopsis of a science fiction Dream

Boy did I sleep in today! Maybe I needed it? And I had a strange dream which may be somewhat relevant. I will fill in details to make the ream more coherent.


In mankind's future we mastered control over our own atmosphere. More than that, we were able to establish earth-like atmospheres on Mars and Venus. We chose not to replace ourselves as angels. Other species, we had discovered, on other planets, had chosen either to evolve naturally or to replace themselves in part or in total by genetically modified pure-forms, an idealized version of themselves. Some had even gone further: they had evolved their robots and  computers so far that their original species was no longer relevant, and dropped out to a mere atavism, despite a few experiments, decided to evolve without replacing itself and remain human-centered.


Well we had to fight off a few computer planets, inhabited only by machines and robots, and we had developed decisive strategies to always take the victory. But then one planet had an X factor, and we gaining the upper hand over our solar system. A few noble heroes developed virus codes to get into their world and seek out the x factor. That's where my dream begins. The heroine, a spunky woman, is seeking the X-factor. Well after a series of adventures and false starts, she arises at a place where the thinks the x factor is at. In fact, many of her comrades and other peoples from other races are fighting against the computer's immunity drones. The spunky woman, let's call her Cal, is trying her best tactics. But soon she is sensing that this is a set up arena, and that the strategies of the computer resemble her own planets. She sees that the she has herself become part of the x factor, where the planet is able to study human strategies in a closed system. She realizes if she tells the others there she will be killed and nobody will know, so she finds a way to leave and inform the human race.


In the dream I told my brother about the dream and he was not impressed. I suppose that was my own X factor.


Well what is the parable of the dream? To set up game arenas in our heads and not only to tolerate dangerous or foreign ideas, but to praise them and strengthen them, is the best way to overcome them.





Life becomes first beautiful then eternal


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