Friday, October 5, 2012

Line Drawings

I've been experimenting with effects with line drawing. These drawings are all made keeping the pen always on the page and the one single continuous line never bisecting any of the others. I am achieving some interesting effects with the process, and I've learned a few tricks that are useful for building upon.














\ ~@M@~ /


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BloodSickle HoneyCuts said...

very energetic! and no line breaking? can you draw w/out looking down at the page? with eyes closed? from memory? say, after having looked at/stared at a photo/scene/object..whatever...for 5 minutes, 3, 1...30 seconds..then doing a blind drawing from memory to see how much detail you can recall and render? perhaps in a given amt. of time? (evil flashbacks of art school days....the horrors...)....prissy prancer the drawing instructor faps about frothing at the mouth praising pets and pouncing upon draw this!! she!!! oops!!! miz thang hollas as she tosses bowling pins and eggs and wtfevs up in the air, demanding that the students draw fast enuff to get those gestures jest right b4 gravity does it's thing. then, the bitch fest begins again...