Sunday, April 7, 2013

"I pour out my soul for you Ama"


I Pour Out My Soul for You Ama


Every night you wring my heart like a washcloth,

Press like an orange my spent and emptied rind

You edit endlessly my soft-as-a blush heart

With your merciless scalpel you cut distractions

Would prune every branch but that one

Bearing the fruit that is the love of you and me.


Are you not in fact everything

All in all -- in everything?

Why demand, with razor distinctions,

Where my duty truly lies?

Why despise so utterly the loves of my life

You who are in them -- you who are them?


Your wrath is refulgent

Your blush resplendent

Your influence in all my doings

Utterly incandescent.


I live my life a manifestation of our love

I write as metamorphosis every passion for you


Let eternity be patient with time!

My corpse will medicate this world

But please leave my days animate


Ama great maker Tiamat

Great Mother -- your aspect terrible

Yet gentle and precious as the milk-toothed child.

Omniscience wearing pig-tails

You are anciently young,

Born tomorrow.

I am the child in your womb

Twin in your bed

Father above you

Husband beside

You are everything in everything to me

And if you don't snatch me too soon

I will be everything to you as well

Austere heaven, pleasurable hell,

Mythosphere, logosphere, dimensions of being

I will be everything for you.


\ ~@M@~ /


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