Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ama, the four-faced Goddess


Ovath, the resurrected Odin

Eye returned electric blue beside the brown

Pierces all with gaze and spear

Impregnates everything with the divine.


Sovf, Holy Spirit of every religion

Womb of language, Fires our tongues

Inspiring all through her thousand muses

Love and taste, silence, speech.


Eru is rhythm, writing and music

Power chords as he skates through the sky

Triumph of magic, of the finite, eternal

Triumph of change, conversion, rebirth.


Lissidy blessedly tropes and turns the rest of us

Satan, Maya, Liar, Beauty

Resounding gift, resounding fall

Desire great, and greater law,

loves us deep within our heart.



-ıl|¦¦|lı-ıl|¦¦|lı-Perfection is Easy-ıl|¦¦|lı-ıl|¦¦|lı-


-- --




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