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Update, Allays 840 - 849

Daniel Christopher June to the Students of Life:


Well today it happened; I got the first nip of that frostbit bug the nip of Christmas. As this entire season pivots on a day, and that, the shortest of the year, a stop to pause on meaning of it all.

The Holiday, usurped, as were many other tropes, from the Mithras cult, continued the gift giving nature of it under these terms: we give on Christmas because God gave his Son to us, and the wise men gave gifts to infant Jesus to honor the new King. So let us give ourselves to the world as incarnations of the All, of Ama, and let us give gifts to others to honor their divinity. Of course there is a spiritual giving; those of wealth can gladly give wealth, but those of other means will do well to give from their own riches: let the poet give a poem, let the singer sing a song, let the charitable give charity and let the penniless give their bare presence.

Take care, Caretakers!


* 840 *

In a relationship, what a fight is about is never what it's really about. It's always about one of two things, respect or love. To amplify the terms takes us on a journey of all we call motivating in human behavior. Most couples don't know why they fight half the time. Daily life is a theater of seem, while the inner maturation evolves and transcends. We wake up one morning and surprise to find ourselves suddenly wise.



* 841 *

Deep at the core of each of us shines our Uncreated Deathless Self, which sheds creative light upon all the universe. We exist to unfold that flower, and everything we accomplish and don't in this life reverberates and amplifies through the spiral unto eternity. What a man or woman thinks to offer or prides in may, like the  stag's love for his horns, prove his downfall when he ran from the hunters' dogs and got stuck in the thicket, whereas the legs he blamed as feeble would have been his salvation; so our deepest gift may not be the showy one. It may be the hidden light, difficult to behold, few in friends, and therefore all the more worthy and precious.


* 842 *

Our body decides before reason: every gesture and blink accumulates constellations of meaning, till we make a conversion, till we choose an idea, a person, a cause, to fall in love, to assume the mantle. First, we fall in love, then, we see her beauty; first, we choose a cause, then, we see its evidence. Reason is an afterfact, a pruning tool for dental work, to cleanse our capacity of doubt, our teeth, against counterevidence and for friendly evidence. The choice precedes the reason. Our body decides, and so much of our full experience contributes, with daily increase, little button clicks and lever switches, ever and always, always and ever. The spontaneous choice marks the work of a lifetime.


* 843 *

The body is memory, remembers all our deeds and words, contains its full past in the skin of the present. Our full body of influence is in the full difference our existence has made upon the world – an infinite sum, and infinite reaching. Not only our brain remembers, but every scratch on the ground remembers us, thinks us, recites our name. The full constellation of changes we've made to the world become our resurrected body after we pass our immediate skin. Thus the eternal return of the same amounts to the widening spiral that begins with our initial difference, and the difference it makes for the universe.


* 844 *

Were your sense of smell magnified a hundred fold, you might not enjoy your friends so much, nor they you. Wisdom is knowing when to overlook.


* 845 *

What is fashionably called "New Atheism" at the moment seeks to establish itself as a durable, reproducible, practical set of beliefs able to instantiate a worldview and a correspondence lifeway – as all balanced religions and philosophies do. Since, per its name, it exists as the negation of something extant – namely, theism – the morality of New Atheism is a morality of the gaps. Wherever the Christian morality fails or seems to fail, in popular sentiment, New Atheism markets itself as the reasonable alternative. In this, they are much like the Native American philosophies which emphasize their ecological conscience when selling their viewpoints alongside the much rationalized, much overly-rationalized philosophies of Christianity and Catholicism. Atheism is the shadow of God.


* 846 *

The world is cruel. Every joke has its butt, and what makes us smile like the envy of our friends and enemies? Our entertainment is in gunfights, torture, execution; our romantic relationships end in heartbreak and humiliation; our life in sickness and death. Life feeds on life, what we eat must suffer and die; entire species are devoted to living within one another, feeding off each other's loss. We are cruel to cruelty: our hate turns against itself, or otherwise we would have no objection against it. Yet, guilt is merely violence turned inwards, and blame and self-blame are so many modes of sadomasochism. Pity is cruelty with a good conscience; righteous indignation is an excuse to be cruel. We enjoy another's pain so long as it is farmed as a villain's come-uppance. How to escape the suffering? Indeed, what of our instincts, our life, wants to escape it? Only when we come to see life as the Game and living as play can we atone ourselves with existence.



* 847 *

We've always ventriloquised the Absolute, the God-term of whatever our system, so that priests can condemn and apprise mankind through the rhetorical figure of a God, or atheists by a cosmic eye looking upon the earth as an unimportant speck, or, in our fear of machines, as if a computer would see the truth of mankind, and replace us: every fiction projects our personal views, the way the guilt of the paranoid is projected on a government out to get them. Claustrophobic in our Cave, this skull of shadows, we escape, cast our glance at the sun, and seek the voice of authority.

If whites are the most solitary culture, the most given to austere solitude, or time with God, it is no wonder they are the most terrible and awe-inspiring. God is solitude. Stand alone, regard your own portion, insist on yourself. Perhaps they are cold, perhaps they are hard – lone wolves, world conquerors. Mencken, in his usual manner, characterized them as the most cowardly, and perhaps they are the most familiar with fear – white-as-a-sheet from fear – but the cold climate of their roots, the terrible elements that marked their environment, gave them an iron clasp of power over themselves. This is why they stand as Universal, they lack particular ethnicity.

You call me West Walker, O my Ama, luster after the setting sun. Perhaps you are correct. If in these allays I stray belligerent against this religion or that, this country or that, whatever group I define myself against, I hold it as a necessary fiction for giving myself room to grow.


* 848 *

Memories are repeatable experiences. We know experiences can repeat identically because, even if we compare them as different, they must be referenced to a repeated same. Repetition is meaning. Memories are the first meanings, assumptions the second. Assumptions abstract from memories.


* 849 *

"Nonbinary" is a one word oxymoron.



-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy



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