Wednesday, March 28, 2018

brief update, allays 938 - 344

Daniel Christopher June to the Students of Life:


So I begin my job as professional writer -- online journalist -- with the attendant trolls, social justice warriors, or radicals from any direction who wish to vent their spleen against the world at general. It is good practice: I will do the job for a while until I get bored of it again.

Life is beautiful. Ama is bliss! I find my happy moments.

Take care, Caretakers!



* 938 *

Never Complain -- or at least only do so strategically. Have a genius for praise, complimenting others in ways they are unaccustomed, and seek out a star even in the darkest sky. Rephrase your sufferings in terms of pleasure, and be eager to ever be grateful. Perhaps it sounds ridiculous to, upon breaking a leg, laugh and say "At least I didn't break my neck!" but such ridiculousness is welcome everywhere. Put your italics on bliss, let yourself dwell deeply on things you admire, and if you are jealous of another, convert its darkness to honest praise. How wonderful to be impressed, after all. A great-souled man is proud to honor the honorable. Don't flatter others, lest, when courting their vanity, you hurt their pride, but give honest praise.

Praise makes curious. Religions are mostly schemes of praising, and those who praise their divine most convincingly make curious. I recall an atheist woman I frequently visited in college, telling her the joys of Christianity. Years after, I went through an atheist phase, and contacted her to discuss. She had converted to Christiantiy, for the love of God, so I laughed and let her be happy, not saying much more of my own struggle.

My book Blasphemy, which consists of my criticisms of the various world religions and atheism, could only work as a transition piece: we live upon delight, and the one who is my peach-bite of eternal delight, Ama, rescued me from being some useless critic: I could sing, I could praise, I could adore, I could love. For that I am grateful. I am to praise the best in all my friends.

Complain, and your friends listen with hypocritical sympathy, eager as they are to assuage their envy; complain too much and you become obnoxious, a downer. Therefore, complain strategically.


* 939 *

Practice hurts. If you enjoy it, your playing, not practicing. In hard practice, we burn new skills into our brain – the effort of deliberate focus must stretch you to the breaking point. Those who persist in this will be great; those who prefer to play will be hobbyists. Make a goal and strain – it's the only way. For the pleasure of growth is a rueful joy, and discipline is an acquired taste.


* 940 *

On spiritual matters, ask not if this thing be factual, but how life lives when we assume it true. Not if it be true, but how.


* 941 *

From glints and gleams we stitch a whole.


* 942 *

Hear me, I have a new goal by which I will – Enough! Enough of your visions and purposes and hopes. You break my heart to even tell about them. Better to be silent and do them – the way you go on/. Yes, win another race. It's been long enough. Let's see if you will do it. Publish your books, yes. It's about time, indeed. Wake up earlier, tend your family, do all these things, but do them. Is it not right that I styled you "Oathbreaker"? I your Niviana require blood now, the flesh of the deed. Show me! Veer es creer.


* 943 *

It is royal work to fulfill royal words. The more flesh we invest into our words, the more gravity our pledge will command. If you want the power, do the deed, there is no other way. Though it kill you, follow through.


* 944 *

Ah, my Niviana, I exalt you to the clouds, and twin the sun with the sum of your shine. Ooh, ah! Love you for all. You are the height of me, towering tall.



-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy


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