Friday, April 13, 2018

allays 949 - 952

Daniel Christopher June to the Students of Life:


Well I feel the Allays are nearing completion. I've been reading much and writing little. It is a nice round number to end them at around 1,000 I think. As for homelife, my new job as writer is going well – it pays the bills – the writing is fun – so that is good. I hope to find something new to write, some project soon.

Take care, Caretakers!





* 949 *

Avoid commentary, the serpent's snare of unearned wisdom. The commentary on a book that would explain away ambiguity blinds you to the subtle. Having seen the figure once this way, you no longer can see it in what would have been your original way. Be confused a long time. Reject authority.


* 950 *

Sow, sow, sow, sow. And when you've sowed the field, everything, all possible, sow some more. Never cease sowing.


* 951 *

Ideas mark the body. Clusters of ideas, ideologies, imprint upon mood, nerve, and muscle. Just a few glances through the grocery tell us who votes this way, who has sex that way, who works in this manner. Children with their smooth skin hold the most silent of creases, yet they loop over and intensify till we are scarred by time in the wrinkles of experience. A man is his context: emanates his text upon the world only for the world to talk about, to impress itself, in like fashion, upon him – sort of an echo, sort of a counterargument. Love, and you will be loved. Yes, but love, and you will be hated too.


* 952 *

Mattriama's womb of chaos, the fusion of opposites into the point of zero infinity – some call this hell, forgetting they come from hence and, if they fail to make a striking example, return for a recast. Such lakes of fire we could imagine for the annihilation of a mind into its necessity, the joining of freedom and necessity, which Buddhistically is called Void, or Nothing. Many religions have groped with terms and sought metaphors for this intuitive autobiography – we can sample the wares to discover what best suits us. Ama is love, know that much, and knowing that, we know everything, and can set your dread aside.




-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy



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