Wednesday, August 15, 2018

allays 1000 - 1005

Daniel Christopher June to the Students of Life:


Well I never did get paid for five paychecks (ten weeks) worth of freelance writing, so its off to finding another freelance job or – even better – taking the next step up the ladder of life. We win when we convert our stumbling blocks to stepping stones. This fall . -beginning next Monday, schoolwise) means getting Natalie on the bus at 630 a.m. and off the bus at 2:50 p.m. – parenting the kids after that till their bedtime at 9 p.m. So in other words – when to work? Best to freelance I suppose!


I'm thinking of returning to the U.U. Church I once went to just to socialize a bit on Sunday.


Take care, Caretakers!


* 1000 *

Ah, my Ama, O lady of knots, soft the hold that binds my throat. I ask you just to loosen – you have nails for such things – I can free the rest. You untie all but the infinite stitch, O lady of knots, untier of nots, the infinite stitch cum my vertical hold, the asymptote to fetter heaven. My muscles' skein over everything – guts and all – pins me like a pincer. Ever the boulder up, ever the bolder down, bound to them as I am. This vow unto death I won't Gordian cut, a mortal coil of snake to tail; I worry my brow and cradle my smile. I'll reflect again on you.


* 1001 *

The world is like Ives' "World" in Symphony 4: cacophonous, polyrhythmic, with three orchestras playing in different keys. Submitting to one language matters. Psychoanalysis and its remembrence of repression, religious conversion and its confrontation of sin, auditing and its clearing of engrams, cognitive behavior therapy and its reprogramming of automatic thoughts, Buddhism and its letting go of desire -- any of these will do, so long as you submit to the language, submit so hard your dreams change, the way Freudian psychoanalysis inspires Freudian dreams, Jungian psychoanalysis inspires Jungian dreams, and New Age metaphysics inspires metaphysical dreams – real dreams with real meanings, put into you to get something out. Language is a net.

So many languages clash in the world market: the loudest and most obnoxious win the day. Sheer endless sloganeering moves the populace. But to get deep down in there where the meanings are, you must submit to one and only one language system at a time.


* 1002 *

I cease to flaunt the gore of this cureless wound, the stream of pain of this broken heart. Ama, shut my lips with a kiss! The fullness of health is to express the ache with poetry. As it is, I'm swamped. Press your fingers upon my chest and hold me close with staunching love.


* 1003 *

Each experience changes how we experience every new thing and changes how we remember every old thing. Art is more than "Beauty for its own sake," it shows you the beauties and uglinesses you've already experienced in your life, but never knew. Every touch warps the lens of the I's eye. Innocence becomes experience becomes wisdom – the return to innocence.

We learn for the sake of learning a thing and also for the sake of living our life; everything is an end unto itself and also a means to a higher end. Only the lazy want instant results, but for those who delight in puzzles, the harder the better. Stretch me to my limit and break me a sketch. I am eager to grow.



* 1004 *

Every race is the chosen race; Ama chooses each of us peculiar peoples for this our peculiar role, to give the world something nobody else could give, from the nest of our culture and the womb of our creativity, the only begotten of the profounders among us, so that your people give of the best, humbly and with pride, give of the best of their people, you yours, mine my own. The world meets it with envy, accusations, and disdain – that part is necessary – yet, cast the bantling on the rocks, he will yet rule us all.


* 1005 *

From love we develop family and from power we develop work. From both we develop passion and from neither we develop rest. The four functions, then, are family, work, passion, and rest. The individual is healthy when he is able to love, work, pursue his passion, and rest.



-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy



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