Tuesday, September 25, 2018

allays 1038 - 1042

Daniel Christopher June to the Students of Life –



Well the kids are back in school, and my last job hasn't paid me, so I'm looking for work. Not much more going on than that. I've spent more time reading than writing lately – gestating on the next big thing.


Take care, Caretakers!



* 1038 *

Ama faces me as the sun, spilling her blonde tresses upon me. I the fatherless, I the self-begotten! Take your stand, my love; stand forth and stand out. Love your children and take pride in your work. Time to grow.


As within the inner of the sun where I see the glyph of her soul, so Niviana, once in a while you cease your pranks and all that nonsense you insist is truth and dare the naked inflections. Those words imprint upon me. I can seldom get this tender touch, but I hold forever thereto when I do.


Great works of art, like human souls, spiral down in layers upon layers. The child gains grace from her level of the story, the adult from hers. An inspired work is infinite, offers reward for whomever studies, no matter what their capacity. So I read your face again and again, catching divergent glints each time.


* 1039 *

There are two who may do bad alone, but because they have each other are ashamed and become good. There are two who lack courage to do bad alone, but because of each other, both transgress. "They bring out the best in each other, they bring out the worst in each other." Such a peculiar alchemy is love – who can predict what could come of it?


* 1040 *

I chase the will-o-wisps from book to book, through read and reread tomes to volumes I never touched, following a phrase, following a whim through her echoes, seeking finally that absolute blessing: inspiration.


* 1041 *

We stagnate in writer's block till we can translate our personal problems into artistic problems. What we solve symbolically heals us, and if the reader can relate our art to his own personal problems – consciously or unconsciously – we will have communicated. So much work is required to find analogs and codes to reframe idiosyncratic obsessions and personal injuries as a universal vocabulary.

Every language is good at processing some other language. Irreverence and blasphemy jolt piety and devotion. Youth culture insulates its growing gnosis through a jargon confusing to adults. In this way, every layer of language hides its prizes from the prying eyes of the world, and yet addresses some other language, processes it, embarrasses it, exposes its hypocrisies and self-deceptions. And as each personality is a language, a system of languages, we each ultimately speak an idiolect, and a different one for each audience who joins us. Lux Sophia, Language herself, grows out of a medium, the way the Socratic Dialect grew out of Sophistry – is impossible without it. And Jesus' criticism of religion (Judaism) in favor of spirituality (a relationship with God) quickly got encoded so the church would perpetually recreate the hapless parodied Pharisees – such that Christians regard themselves as the only true virtuous in all the world, and everybody else as pitiable sinners.

And so we encode the language that summoned us. As our individual Selves are the energy of our parents' shared orgasms – the tone of the whole primordial scene — so are we at our best self-identity in the bliss of overcoming.


* 1042 *

Meanings crystallize into assumptions -- ideas, more or less formed. Those ideas that resonate with our culture bolster their tense and grow stout and formidable. The ideas of the ancients persist, though the meanings we put into the crystalline forms differ. Differentiated crea, or meaning, moves us in different directions, as one may express anger or fear or love through the very same idea of justice. As a sort of crystalline conduit, like the cell of a bone, these ideas add their vitality to form full constructs – bones – which support our habits and routines. A motive is an idea plus a desire, and the habitual desires we are likely to form depend on the inflected and differentiated energy with put into them. What we need from the world determines what we seek therefrom.

The necessary plateaus in life, when growth wanes and we stay our way on a long flat haul, might discourage us – too boring for comfort – yet in such moments we build our frustration as a differentiated fluid, a fuel set when ready to inspire us to aspire towards a higher goal. Even the doldrums do their work. So keep your course despite the dull – you are growing in dimensions you will one day appreciate.


-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy




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