Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Confidence Coughs" a poem


Confidence Coughs


I liquid tongue

Of pented truth

Ride bridled

Upon Passion's Cat.


Shut -- my confidence --

On Haste’s mistakes --

O Rash and Rapid

Dive to doom!


Blocked and balked

By the beast aloof

I tooth and tame

Her Slow assent.


My torch of love

Blinks her motive

She shines gold bright

Kaleidoscope eyes.


I Grieve and Gripe

At her recalcitrant growl

But enlighten loss’s

Hollowing surprise.


Those eyes give seed

Asphalt’s acorn

Bending brick

With its subtle insist.


Aching upwards

To oak the airways

The germ of new

Barks Broad a door.


Inner stairs

Funnel downwards

To the soft of pride

At hidden hurt.


My golden gun

Of Marked bravado

Keys clear the way

To summer's floor


Reminds my smoldering

daylight torch

That the not of violence

Lights the back of love.



\ ~@M@~ /


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