Friday, August 17, 2012

"Emilie upon Skyswimmer" a poem

I came up with this poem in my head as Emilie road the Merry-Go-Round horse at Rivertown Mall. She kept laughing and saying “I’m flying!” and when I asked her what her horse’s name was, it sounded like she said “Swimmer.”




Emilie Upon Skyswimmer


Emilie holds to the neck of her magical horse

Skyswimmer, high astride marshmallow clouds.

World affirmers, trailing the firmament,

Stark stone starlets strew the Way of the permanent.

Has the world a riddle?

Does eternity keep secrets?

No worries!

The cheerful child chides feet-dragging Time

Echoes exuberance -- laugh-loving climb.




\~ @M@ ~/


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