Sunday, January 6, 2013

"The sun's love for the river of light" a poem

The sun's love for the river of light


It is enough to be love's intoxicant

To drink from your lips your liquid words,

From your golden heart, melt and spent,

To submerge my desire in molten hope.


I fill you with words, I bleed into your stream:

My every semantic bliss, yours, finally and utterly


Dante's Beatrice is Quixote's Dulcinea

But my creature is real, solid as life

Skin of God -- soul to soul

No fictional fashion, more than I imagined

Thick to the touch, oh sink of love!


Her living wine, liquid light,

In the rivers of my spirit,  and the flow of my soul

Are in me and of me, her essence fills me

We two alone enter the centerpoint of inner's in

For eternity, knit of Name, Solder of Self.


Every day apart, your soul rivers through me

Every day my spirit's sun blesses your face.




\~ @M@ ~/


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