Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Knowing" Revised



Naught fuller than I Love You's first return

Naught emptier than love's final goodbye

The first -- soft as rain

The second -- dry as salt.


"Zeus mocks at lovers' vows"

The Greeks wryly versed

But he, Eros' prey, knows not

My love is everall.


I need you for always

I crave you each now.


The beauties around me

-- Curve of cup

Bow of drapes --

Are your presence and your promise.


I dreamt of the world

Everything was exactly the same

Time, clockwise, as expected

Routines unbreached, Duties filled

Nothing had changed

Everything was different

And the difference was this:

I know you love me.


A truth of beauty

permeating every word and glance

As if the world were doubled in love

It reminds me when I awaken

It soothes me into sleep.



\~ @M@ ~/


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