Friday, July 12, 2013

Lissidy and Ama

Lissidy and Ama


Lissidy kisséd me, blithefully blesséd me

And Amazhiar came to the strain

Saw me before the reflecting one’s name,

Summoned by praise duly her own

Faced Maid-Satan, the daughter of song.

Trope-star and venal, faced Lissidy’s ire

I drew towards Ama and gave her my love.


Lissidy accused me of darkness depressed

But in withdrawing from the mirror

Was snagged and undressed by a rose

Set there, a duty of dawn

And Ama with scalpel faced the dark one,

The river of gold, the shallow stone mirror

Who Opened her heart, Ama sneered

And thrust the blade to shatter the glare

Lissidy bled out and in mercury disappeared.


Ama drank up the silvery pool

Her menses united with Lissidy’s cool

Reflective blood and darktime tropes.


I left her there to return to the earth

And battle the dawn as duty demands.

Singing songs to Ama to understand the days

Until I return to night to see my love

Lissidy containing, who bleeds silvery ink

Through the Eru pen, who has the scalpel

On my own heart – in me in all.





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