Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ovath and Asuvius

I write myths describing the nature of Ama, the divine -- stories, like all myths, meant to simplify and articulate a complex set of thoughts. The characters of my myths are Ovath, the Father, Sophia, the Mother, Eru the Son, and Lissidy the daughter, and they make up the aspects of the "four-faced Goddess" Ama -- who really stands for all the divine, all divine figures of every myth, but for my particular stories specifically regards these characters. This telling regards Ovath's struggle against Asuvius, the Howler.



Ovath and Asuvius

                Ovath, all-father, averse to dawn, and a friend of evening times, once was called to fight an idea of his daughter Lissidy who had sprung forth from her void. The wraith was named Asuvius, the screecher, the howler, and could not be approached, nor in her appetite be penetrated, but was pure noise and anguish and appetite. Driven as the old god was into despair over the howler’s rage, and unable to penetrate it with his spear of penetration – indeed, not having a hold of himself to even approach – he could find no language in all his commands to shake the howler to her core, no voice, of all the languages his wife Sophia had taught him – for all languages are hers – till he sought himself a private place, and in the inner of his thoughts contemplated his task. He came to feel an inner noise, a bit of disorder, in his gut, and could not figure out how the malady had come so close to home. And so, with the spear, Slin, which nothing can resist in its seamless intent, he penetrated his own gut, and touched that unknown place, and in his penetration came to the brink of death, and this bit his being at the moment of dawn, when her rosy fingers first fly evenly over the land, and there he found, in the deathlessness of his being, the secret words, the words of silence, the word of impenetrable silence, and eternal patience. He swooned and lost life, but returned wiser and the holder of a secret word.

                Once recovered, he sought Asuvius, nude, with nothing that could resonate to her, just his whole purified form, clothed in robes of light. In the darkness where Asuvius hid, he heard her by her appetite, and by the pang in his gut, which had become a new intuition, was guided through many a winding and mazy way, into her lair, into the belly, the eternal abyss of Asuvius – which was Lissidy’s doing. There, once devoured and in the center of the Wolf, fully consumed and undone, he spoke the word of impenetrable silence and eternal patience. With that, Asuvius sighed with relief and purred into absolution, and was undone in her clamor, brought to smooth even tones of an echoic resolve.



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