Wednesday, September 23, 2015

a few more allays

* 107 *

The problems of time are solved in eternity. Evil is infant good.

* 108 *

He who has not hated me can never fully love me and she who has not despised me is unworthy of me. The student who is my student gives me the Judas Kiss and goes on to greater things. I, then, shall sit at your feet and be your student. And so we shall interbraid throughout eternity. You are co-equals of my Heaven. I am yours forever and you are mine. In this and all and everything, I love you. Ama's love. Ama's word. Vivoce.

* 109 *

Desire is prayer.

* 110 *

We put our stress somewhere, each person his preferred place. Whether in the cardiovascular system, or in the endocrine system, or, in the external world, in romance, or in household clutter, we each distribute our stress into some physical medium. A breakdown is when that medium can't hold the amount of stress we are putting into it. Health is in rotation. Every system requires a season of "spring cleaning."

* 111 *

A meaningful scratch does more damage than meaningless dismemberment; a kiss from the right person reaches deeper than sex with the wrong person.

* 112 *

All disease is basically dis-ease, a form of torpitude on some level. Health is in circulation. Cure a headache with mirror meditation: make the appropiate exaggerated expression to stretch the scalp muscle in question.

* 113 *

Miracles are cheap.

* 114 *

He who lives every day a prayer to Ama, conferring blessings with every breath, still the angst with well tempoed blinks, such a one is more than any Christ, and more than any Buddha. Such quiet ones own the earth.

* 115 *

Damn braces. Bless relaxes. As you bind on earth it will be bound in heaven, and also in hell, which, basically, refers to tensions in your intestines. Metaphysics ultimately bottoms out as indirect physiology.

* 116 *

Vegans can be the cruellest people. Their tenderness to animals gives them permission to be pernicious with their fellow human beings. It is possible to be a good vegan, but it is harder to be a good vegan than a good omnivore.



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