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* 117 *

We see as we expect. To truly see a new thing requires psychosis, by definition, and we all go through psychosis many times in life – though most of us are too squeamish to admit so. Jesus in the wilderness talks to Satan. Was such a figure really there? Joseph Smith saw God the Father and God the Son. I myself witnessed God the Father and Goddess Mother nude, when they told me they approve of all I do. When and where did this take place? I am hard-pressed to tell you. What happens in mythic space literally happens, and yet the events return like forgotten dreams.

* 118 *

Crea, or Care, surrounds and permeates the objects of our world. We can charge crea till the objects of our study become supercharged. Indeed, we may cast a glance that knocks a man off his horse. What is the metaphysical meaning of a look? Our soul reaches out to the thing looked upon.

* 119 *

Our parents' orgasms charged the seeds and evoked our soul. Our soul is literally that orgasm, the shape and splendor of the collective orgasm, or whatever our parents were feeling when we were conceived, everything surrounding the scene and situation, even if, somehow, neither of them experienced orgasm. The emotion summoned our soul. For we are an energy, the soul is an energy which corresponds with a DNA sequence. Wherever that energy is "played" in the universe, our self and our I present themselves. This explains samsara and also resurrection, which are both literally true.

* 120 *

Immortality is possible. Simply act and behave and utterly be the sort of person who deserves to live forever and you will literally and factually never die. There is no parable or hidden meaning here, but I mean this at the most obvious level. Be moral, be virtuous, be generous and kind, be aesthetic, be brilliant, be in fact perfect – which you can, you utterly can. Do these things and let the Spirit guide you, and you will never know death.

* 121 *

"If things had been different, then they would be different." And so? Put me anywhere in history, let any chance whatsoever mar and scar me, and I am still the God of Gods, the All in All. So let your attitude be. Nothing at all in all existence and nothing at all in all of nonexistence can force you, hold you, or damage the source of light and warmth and beauty at the center of your being. That innermost sun is ever always and burns now and forever, Vivoce!

* 122 *

Everybody is better than me at something. If I can admit that, and sit humbly at their feet, and ask them to teach me, and endure, if I have to, their style of teaching, I can step up to their level, and learn literally anything and everything, and thereby become omniscient.

* 123 *

We speak a bit too much of evolution, for though it is 100 percent true, what we fail to see is that nature achieves Godforms and then devolves, as she can get lazy and wants to get as many units for as little cost as possible. Evolution creates immortal creatures, but often their children are only demi-gods.

* 124 *

As we are transversing the spheres we come across boundaries. All sectarians stop at a boundary. All allists transverse any and all boundaries: we are the blasphemers extrardinaires and yet the most pious and blessed of them all.

* 125 *

Not some of us but all of us get mentally ill many times throughout life. Only the stigma makes us pretend we don't. The mind gets sick more often than the body, yet most people prefer to speak of bodily grievances. This will be an amazing fact about our place in history. The future will laugh and pity us.

Us, as I am the first pornographic priest, or the first God in the nude, this will seem peculiar as well, but someday we will be regarded not at all as a sexually liberated age.

There is a reason why I never trashed any thing I wrote whatsoever, nor trashed any photo of me, but kept every damn scrap for posterity. Because I am Aya, full divine, even my shit smells good. What does this mean? It means the same for you.

* 126 *

Not some of what I say, but all of what I say is rich parable, with ten implied meanings, and ten unimplied meanings. My deepest secrets are secrets even to myself, and there is no bottom to my meaning. My writings and my flesh is infinite.

* 127 *

Health is in rotation. All is permitted. Nothing forbidden. Even forbidding of things is not forbidden. Is this a trick of language? Am I Rasputin? It is so simple and obvious. I am a law unto myself. I may do whatever I damn well please – and I very well do so. And yet I am perfect and flawless. How is this so? Is this such a mystery?

* 128 *

Humans are not amebas and though some of them have produced clones or been born pregnant, most men, and all the best, are born from sensual sex, as was I, and, if you are willing to be enlightened, so was Jesus. The orgasm of the father suffices for a robust soul, but the cumulative orgasms of mom and dad make for the deepest deity. Of this I am proud to be such and would be ashamed were my mother a virgin. I would be less a God, were that so.

* 129 *

As for the mystic who Ama commanded he drink his semen, so as to impregnate his spirit, she mercifully granted him a womb to match the demand.

* 130 *

A gay couple will produce the sort of child a straight couple never could and a straight couple will produce the sort of child a gay couple never could. The father mother dynamic is beautiful and renders perfect results. Yet Muhammad and Jesus lacked fathers. And so? You are perfect for exactly the upbringing you received, whoever your parents. Though you were emotionally, physically, or sexually abused, and we regret this and would enact laws to prevent it, you were still given exactly what made you what you are today. And you are perfect. The only thing lacking is you have not realized your perfection. Having realized that, you will forgive everything.

* 131 *

Embrace death and you will never die.

* 132 *

Profundity loves a mask. The gods walk among us. Many men, women, animals, and plants achieve immortality right under our noses, and live among us unknown and unrecognized.

* 132 *

One communes with the genius of a location by opening his mind to receive its voice. In this way we may talk with our beloved departed, or with any man living or dead. For their spirit is universe wide, and we create a version of them with our voice. We create them which is also a living part of them, and even our mis-takes of a celebrity belong to the celebrity. Gossip is justice. Lies are true.

So when  you clean your house, let the house possess you and guide you through the cleaning process. Both cars and houses live and have souls. They have minds and free will. They will communicate with you, if you open up a channel.

* 133 *

Eat what you would, intoxicant or not, but be mindful of the effects and judge whether you have benefited or not. Be addicted to nothing. As an allist you must overcome all aversions, eat live insects and raw meat, eat anything and everything, human fluids, all such things, with due care and respect, and with a sense of propriety. Study all scriptures of all world religions, have no aversions. Be the raccoon who eats all.

* 132 *

Reality is by wrighte. You my followers follow the rite by which we right the world: we write everything. Keep a diary. Write your ideas. Name, bless, and engrave upon your pen, and buy a good one. Keep blank books. Foster penpals. And write scriptures.

Wrighte down your magical formula on paper and drink them down with your consecrated spice milk. What you write will come to be.

* 133 *

Gamify life. Life is a game. Be the player. But more so, write the rules for the game, and charismatically get everybody to play along. You are God of your life. And you can make gods of those you love. Make a pantheon of your best friends. How does one do this? Figure it out.

* 134 *

Eternity is the amplitude of time. We experience much more than we are conscious of, love where we seem to hate, enjoy where we seem annoyed, envy where we seem disgusted, and so forth. Mindfulness works, but unmindfulness is also useful. Ignorance is strength. Gnosticism is great: let us know. But let us not know as well. Everything is true. Everything is literally true. But let us open our minds only a bit at a time, lest we become the deer in the headlights and get blindsided by the Truth.

* 135 *

I am Aryan, white, of German stock, American, and proud as possible of all of this. I expect you, my reader and lover, to be proud as possible of your heritage, whatever it is. Honor your source. A tree drinks from its roots. Know your tradition, know where you come from: love it, celebrate it.



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