Saturday, December 10, 2016

allay about belief


It is not so much that we believe in God but that belief is God. Let me be understood on this point, that belief cannot be willed but it can be commanded. And, being commanded, we obey involuntarily -- that is precisely what Master Intonation accomplishes. Deeper than doubt, we believe, all of it, every time, and even our disbelief is a means of believing so that a man confronts his own beliefs which stand before him with disavowed majesty. Who commands? God, belief itself, the belief beloved by which we are mastered unless we have the strength to so fully submit that we bend God back. Submission is mastery. The commanders of the game -- I coin them Aya -- are by nature anonymous, for the universe is commanded by a whisper. Belief belies, it cannot be faked, like love it is known even in disguise. A man passes for what he is. Money is money by belief alone -- a King a king by belief alone. What does not exist now that will one day exist eternally? It is already within us.

-- R 88s Я --

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