Sunday, December 11, 2016

Allay about truth and lies

* 436 *

Only the best liar best tells the truth. The truth in itself is not compelling – often enough it is monstrous – and it is the man of persuasion who can convince to accept the truth, he knowing well enough how to make us accept anything at all. Thus Liar Lissidy is the protectress of the mirror womb. We confront her in our conversation with ourselves before the mirror, in pure reflective speculation – receiving intermixed comfort from Ama as we go so we keep our courage. Lissidy, protector of children, is maid Satan, mother Maya, Lord Liar, the ironical, the dream weaver. She alone can give us access to our inner name, not that she knows it, but that she blocks us from it, from our centermost, our Name, our innermost sun, the InAll.

Certainly we are used to accepting the truth through fictions, transcendental meaning through religious fables, mysteries through parables, stark reality through jokes, psychological insight through made up stories, numinous truth through preposterous myth. Truth is absurdity. The universe was created by laughter. Below even the deepest suffering and utter humiliation lies the smirk. Life is a game. And death is the deepest prank.



-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy



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