Friday, May 8, 2009

the logosphere


          The logosphere can be conceptualized as the sphere around earth that contains all meanings, all meanings crystallized into ideas, and all languages and their flow that trigger these meanings to be felt and worked on.

          The language you use daily was not invented by Webster, nor the English, but all of humankind. Every word has been tested out, used in different contexts, grown, and sharpened. Every idea has been tried millions of ways, fitted and perfected by the greatest geniuses, beauitified and poetrified by the amplest poets. Language itself is mankinds greatest creation to date, an achieveent that grows along with us daily and at all times.

          The swirling of these meanings in our collective conscious is like the rainbow skin of a soapbubble, or the passionate rumblings in the veil of Jupiter. It is a flux, and it contains pieces that are forever constant.

          A genius or a great author steps above the chaos and the deep, and draws all his power from it when he speaks oracular truths, seemingly from his own essence alone, but really not only from his essence, but much of it from the Zeitgeist, of the animus munde, of the Oversoul, the rhythm of all meanings. We each ever and always participate in this, in all our doings.

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