Sunday, May 17, 2009

Postmodernism is democratic mediocrity in self-glorification.

Postmodern Mediocrity

          Derrida is merely one of many: it is stupid to speak of him as if Derrida were something of a man when he is merely one of many, has no life or being outside of the texts he attacks. He is a university scholar, a level down from Lacan in originality, among equals with Zizek, Delueze, all these second-hand, third-hand pan handlers. Read them a little at a time. For they are not primary. As university scholars, they do not think about ideas, they interpret texts. They do not experience the works of genius, nor do they work genius, but they kill the books they touch and turn them into “texts” and like a stray suitor snuck into Penelopes sewing room, destroys the completed tapestry she gave to to Odysseus, and wrends it to threads, as if this reduced Odysseus to a mere suitor, and gave him a chance to steal a few threads and wad them into tricky knots. Such ones as these are theologians of the Western Canon, not that they study the Bible or God, but like a theologian, they misinterpret literature to make it say whatever they can possibly make it say, being incapable of saying anything with authority themselves. Half man, second-hand men. Do not waste your time on them.




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