Sunday, May 24, 2009

quick essay on flow

This essay burst forth starting about 15 minutes ago. You can tell me what you think.



          What I call Flow is akin to what Carl Rogers felt was the goal of the Self: to fully feel every experience in the system, the appropriate and the criminal, the respectable and the shameful, all at once, and as fully as we could. To protect your Me and Ego from public reproach one must be utterly direct, and as quick as possible to dodge the clumsy engine of social corruption. Respectability, public honors, awards, and a good name are all social corruption, and you must avoid them as strongly as you can. Insofar as another person can define you, you might as well crawl into your grave and be over with it.

          Flow is the mind in every experience of life, insofar as your emotions, your thinking, your talking, and your doing flow in and out of full consciousness, and flow through each other. Never be captured by a word. Insofar as you insist on one word for a thing, one phrase, one holy book, one “God” you are dead, as God is dead, as the number One is dead. You must flow, translate, delve deep and hear if you can your original name, and translate that into all things.

          You have not read an essay until you can put the entire essay into your own words, into better words, into your living experience. You have learned nothing if you cannot teach it to the world by living examples. Scholars are the undead who rule the world like an elite caste of vampires. Be instead an Emersonian Scholar, that is, a writer, one who can flow into typed writing, into spoken writing, who can translate all experience into a million forms. Stop at the Quote and then shoot yourself, or put it in your own words and forget where you got it from to live another day.

          Integrity is when your Me is absolutely loyal to the needs of the Self, completely selfish. Insofar as you compromise your Me to balance against what society wants – this stupid democracy doesn’t know which way the sun rises! – you have forfeited the only Sacred Divinity there is, you innermost. You have ceased the innermost, and now you live as a reflection of the world. Only those lacking an eternal self ever become fully popular in the world, only the empty become successful. For many people lack a soul, they are merely a jumble of genes and memes, and the illusions these sing to. But if you have an innermost, you will tend towards it, and are never fully shaken away from your dearest love

          The self is the Creative. The Me is the creative before the eyes of Ego and World. The Me, therefore, has two real and fated needs: the need for love and the need for respect. These two are part of the primordial two in all things. Love and respect, the need for affection and the need for importance, sex and power, and all those wonderful things that most people live for. We use these needs to express the deeper needs. For the evolutionists, these needs are it: the needs for gene production and gene preservation. They are token men, they speak from emptiness, they speak of intellectual honesty, but they have no living reason to be honest about anything.

          The perennial insight of Carl Rogers is the source of all mental abberations in a compromise of the Me to Society, rather than to the Self. Insof as I feel, love, lust, and care as is proper, as I am taught, I am mentally ill. For the source of all power and energy is the Self, and for the Self the universe came into her being. Insofar as you identify with a WE-ME you are now gaining all your energy from approval from others, affection from others, you become a mirror, you become externally motivated, you become mortal.

          The repressed is not a chaotic Id, but the meaningful, personal Self. That is the part scariest. Not incest and patricide, but something much more tender and dear. Freud will ever be a misanthrope in this regard: he had no love for himself, a self-hating man. As Reich would say, you lacked good orgasms.

          The Me is no center, the WE mere satellite, but the ever urging needs are forever and always the center. But insofar as they are cut off and hypnotized by a mirror, you are frozen, you are frigid, you are impotent, in fact, you are hysterical, and part of you experiences parts of your experience, and parts of you experience the other, but you lack flow, you lack the free translation of everything into everything, you are C.S. Lewis and a great Divorce, rather than Blake with a Marriage of the Delights of Hell and the Reasons of Heaven. And between the two, it is obvious who is genius.

          This Flow Emerson called “Inspiration,” and rightly said that “every reasonable man would give any price of house and land and future provition, for condensation, concentration and the recalling at will of high mental energy. Our money is only second best. We would jump to buy power with it that is, intellectual perception moving the will. That is first best….A rush of thoughts is the only conceivable prosperity that can come to us.” As with everything Emerson, to those of us who already know this, we sing with him, and to those who do not know it, they likely never will.

          Live therefore, from day to night, in continual flowing, humming of energy, and especially, the flowing of ideas into desires, desires into words into deeds into all things. Ever translate, ever interpret.

          Learn therefore not to push your immediate reactions into the Under, where you can only experience them as an attenuated whisper. Feel the full force of every emotion, shout and grind your teeth or scream in ecstatic orgasm. Let your full experience leap forth, and never parcel your mind in parts. The full man, the Allistic man, the everything man cares not a shitstick for what They think, what the World thinks, what Others think, but only insofar as what they think affirms, expands, clarifies, and celebrates what they first think, feel, and are. Insofar as I must change myself to fit in, I cast off men like a snowsuit in summer.



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