Thursday, July 9, 2009

is honesty a christian virtue?

Truth, honesty, integrity, these are all foreign virtues to the Christians, who value love of Christ above love of the truth. Therefore, it is not surprising to find that historically, and since the very beginning, they have plaguarized the authors of supposed disciples, interpolated fake historicaly reports about Jesus into the works of contemporary historians, once they gained control of the libraries (the ones they didn’t burn down as they burned down Alexandria), they rewrote legends and myths of other nations as if they were stories of real historical saints of Christianity; of other religions and Gods they wrote disgusting smears, deliberate misrepresentations, demonizing accusations, shameless blasphemies, and not only against he religions and their stories, but against those believing in them, such as when they misreported on the nature of the mystery cults from which they stole blood drinking and baptisms, claiming that such cults also practiced any number of monstrosities and indecencies – and all those grown out of the pious imagination of the Christians! – they added stories to, edited errors out of, and rephrased elements of their own inspired gospels, the four they chose, and burned the hundreds of competing gospels, along with the writings of the gnostic and any other competeition their hatred caught sight of. They wrote histories and biographical notes of pagans, from Aesop to Petronius, to any respected “pagan” (that is, non Christian), that emphasized any moral uncertanties or mistakes, and when these were lacking, they invented them, and wrote them either into their own histories, or edited them into the writings of other historians. The invented countless lies and accusations against the Jews, beginning with the made up stories about the Pharisees in the gospels, and continuing down to stories of Jews drinking the blood of Christian infants, and thousand of others stories that have cost the lifes of millions of Jews. They invented no end of fake relics of fake saints who were ripped from nonChristian sources anyway, and these were venerated and touched, for miraculous purposes, at a cost. Once a certain sect of them gained political power, namely, through Constantine, who was chosen by God through a vision, in exchange that he decimate his enemies, after which he killed off his parents, being the typical behavoir to expect from Gods annointed, and he was gladly used to produce an official Bible, and to burn the documents of, if not the owners of, other writings and gospels, so that, through the state, as would happen later in Germany, Iceland, anywhere Christianity spread, certain sects were outlawed, violently condemned, tortured by the fiercest methods, and in fact Christianity and Christains have invented more methods of torture than any other religion, if not all other religions. Truth, honesty, and integrity are not Christian virtues, never were, never in the Bible does God say “to yourself be true,” or “know yourself,”—we would have to thank Plato and Shakespeare for popularizing that sort of morality. Instead we see everywhere and always lies, forgeries, and meddling with politics in order to kill off thousands of Christains who believe the wrong things about the God who doesn’t exist in the first place.

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