Thursday, July 2, 2009

Re: Tao Te Ching (section 22)

The cross was invented for Jesus, since he would have been impaled on a stake, as was the custom of his time. But the cross as symbol is ancient by the time Jesus gets around, and fitting for a Christ, namely, the bisection of two realities, the vertical heavenly and the horizontal earth, upon which Jesus gives up the divine ghost and becomes a corpse – a splitting of natures. The double tear drop of the Yin Yang has not a single line in it, and there is no splitting of natures, but a cycling and intermingling. These symbols as symbols present alternatives to looking at binaries: oppositional and hierarchal, or complementary and cooperative. I would suggest using both symbols according to time and purpose, since neither of them, by nature, can exclude the other.







It does seem to be a very peaceful philosophy. Always Yang pitted against
Yin. If you think you understood it, you will have misunderstood it. Just
when you think you developed your ego by getting the point, it takes you
down again; showing us that in developing ego we developed egotism as well.

By breaking the self, it seems the Tao shows how much a part of everything
we are...and not separate from anything.

F. Bacon

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