Thursday, July 2, 2009

note about myths as prerequisite for philosophy




            Every Great philosophy grew out of a rich and sublime mythical tradition, as is seen clearly with the ancient Greek and ancient Germanic myths, which resulted in the Greek and German philosophies, the two greatest traditions in world philosophy yet. In the case of the Babylonian myths and Indian myths, these were also rich, but were spent on world religions instead (Judaism and Hinduism). The Hindoos were a rich religion/philosophy, whereas the Jewish religion remained a legendary/explicatory faith. None of these four developments, the two main sources of religion, and the two main sources of reason, would be possible without a strong mythic basis, like a Archimedean circle drawn over the void, to base and found greater things.

            The Americans, still an ancient people compared to where we are going, have a sort of mythic in our comic books and movies, and novels, but we are not mythical; though by democratizing the entire world through the internet, we have an (electronic) oral tradition as well. In one thousand years we might have a philosophical tradition to boast of.


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