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Touched up version of the TAUTOLOGICAL CREDO

The two complementary virtues I am studying are Interpretation and Courage, and I have passed onto courage now, to integrate interpretations into a new bold way. I am therefore reworking some old writings in order to bring them to date on the World Goal I have set, and am faced again with the seed of the Tautological Credo, which began it.


I drafted this in during a highly anxious hour – it bled from my fingertips. I have since shined and perfected it, but I feel it may yet be a long time before I am fully satisified with it.


The Credo is an early attempt at Glossolalia, as I interpret it, a passionate fury through language into the stucturation of will itself, the passing of the seed of Wotan into the matrix of Sophia. That is to say, the moment is a moment of conception.




The Tautological Credo


The studious Daniel June to the Students of life:


Greetings avatars of vitality, you students in life and for! In order that our mind may flood his dendrites further, that our heart may throw her arteries farther, that our hands may grasp their fingers wider, in order that our creativity may pronounce herself louder, expand her glance best, we gather ourselves from the world into the hand of a community, and teach each other in turn, sharing art and affection. We encourage each from his unique light, to each his unique eye, arming each with hammer and spike to create the universe. We gather to supplament the Universities, we gather to continue our growth in mind and spirit forever forward. As group, we acknowledge these ideas as our starting point:


WE recognize these tautologies as axioms: Firstly, Life Lives. Vivoce. Secondly, Mind Minds. Vivoce. Thirdly, Matter Matters. Vivoce. All truth descends from a full understanding of these irrefutable, undeniable, and absolutely valid basic Truths.


We utilize these methods for investigation; Firstly, Science is the only way to explore philosophical truths, namely, by the recognition of a problem, the hypothetical creation of formulas to solve this problem, the testing of their implications in the practice of our life and thought, and the refeeding and reforming of them back again. Vivoce. Secondly, Tautology is the only way to speak, being the equaling of two sides of a verbal equation, a preposition, the roots of every teaching. All thinking identifies identicles between disparate beings, and creates identities through ordered focus, and so is tautological. Vivoce. Thirdly,The testing of all contradictions based on the premise that there are no contradictions, only Unidictions. Our paradoxy is unidoxy, the unidox of all belief. Any contradiction we discover in a text merely shows we have not understood deeply enough. All reality is unified in agreement. Disagreement is seem. Where we see contradictions, we see symptoms. Vivoce.


We hold these truths to be self evident; Firstly, Life is worth living. Vivoce. For life is fulfilled, either with inspiration to seek joy, called pain, or with the joy itself. Life alive, enlivened by the life of its body's living members fulfills itself through liveliness, seeking objects and objectives that we need. Life as needing is a fulfilling, life as joyous is a fulfillment. Secondly, As fulfilled life, man is by nature always utterly logical. Vivoce. Every man on earth is absolutely logical in his every act and his every decision. There is no nonlogic. Whatever is mind, minds according to logical progressions, more or less effective as they correspond to need and world. Thirdly, All life can become perfect in a way that no other life is. Vivoce. Survival of the fittest, and we are all fittest in our own way.


We believe these tautologs and the web-thinking they represent: Firstly, Matter is the Mater which in her maternal corpus of creativity, became the materials for all that exists, existing in and standing out from the dimensions of material-time, material-extension, and material-experience, for she is matrix of all existing; she gave birth to a second mater, mother nature, who is the nativity of all that lives, from protozoa to world-nation, for every people is the nascent and nation of one long conversation of life. Secondly, The Universe is the great One-Turning, the constant overturn of old, and return to a greater beginning, a long conversation of which each life-version lives his own verse, coming and becoming to its greatest worth in vertical growth, converting all around it to itself, inverting the old, reversing the bad, overturning the perverse, and reconverting at last back into the universe, for we see the tropes and turns of entropy, but also know the intropy of creativity must balance these, that creation must grow the beginnings and repetitions, troping, turning, and coming for all time. Thirdly, This is a life of the technician, for we each act according to our technique, communicating our text to our immediate context, which is but the texture of the overtext, the stringed universe, made from textile, weaved from the body of the whole. Man fuels this inspiration of creativity through his soul, or psyche, the spirit and inspiration of wind, breath, the spoken word, the logos. Fourthly, Logos is the speech, and the legal reading therefrom, from legend to dialogue, the logical and creative language of the legions, gathering and selecting the symbols that best logo the experience of life, each nation its lexicon, each people ts legal system; each a legere reading of the intellect and intelligence he represents, and taking all else as lesson for his election.


We consider these definitions to be primary; Firstly, Man is the ratiocreative life-form. Vivoce. Man is the mental, the manic, the mindful, the rememberer, the muse-inspired, the musical. Secondly, Life is productive and reproductive organized energy. Vivoce. Life lives according to the liveliness of its living parts: head, lips, heart, and hands. These seek outlet in expressions,  speaking out, depressions, holding down, repression, holding back, and pressure, the anxiety to communicate, thus impressing our image into the world, impressing ourselves by our own accomplishments. Thirdly, every life is not sufficient in its immediate self, but sufficient in its Full Self, which exists in the hierarchy: Body. Possessions. Family. Friends. Community. Society. Humanity. Nature. Vivoce.



We believe these credos to be absolutely true without qualification. We believe man is man's greatest object, the highest of all existing, creator of self and environment. We believe that self must  be selfish, self-centered, and so, self-actualized, giving his whole self to fulfilling through himself and others. We believe families are familliars who by fame of spirit blood are founded on the female. We believe friends and friendly behavior expand the self, showing willful selection of what is friend to his principles, to whom he speaks on friendly terms, sharing their best as friends. We believe community should live in communism as communes, meaning regular meetings and the voluntary care of each in the community, communicating the best that is within them, giving as commerce their art and greatness, guided overall by elected committees. We believe society is social according to the principles of socialization, living by socialism, which is the structure of society that allows but does not obligate benefiting and participating in all aspects of society, thus fulfilling our social natures, the full principle of socialism being little more than directed focus of society to achieve mutually agreed goals. We believe humanity ought to be humane in its treatment of humankind, humble before the universe, humorous in the face of fear, and full of hubris to its highest goals, living out the humanist principles of the highest importance being the human individual first, and the society he lives within second. We believe nature is natural even in every choice of man, that his nature is logical, that every man has the potential to perfect and to excel his human nature by his own will. We believe creation is created according to the universal principles of creativity in matter, just as man consciously creates and thus fulfills his full creature.



We believe in the omniscience of man. Omniscience is knowing all you need to know. Knowing how to question is a form of omniscience. Man is life into truth, called knowledge, and is truth into life, called wisdom. The constant optim of flow is called perfection. Acheivement is learning from every success or failure. The pride of acheivement is called God. Every man is utterly logical. Every little contradiction is a greater unidiction. Man is utterlogic. This is known to the readers only.



We believe every man naturally aspires to greatness. Greatness is not only in influence, but may exist unknown and isolated, so long as the expression is grand. The steps to greatness are amateur, hobbyist, expert, master, wizard, God, Man. Perfection perfects. Therefore if a man elects perfection, he will continually grow in all things—kindness, family fulfillment, music, writing, work, physical fitness—through his craving for excellence.



We believe in the inherent meanings in the world project of the major languages, that the connections and recognitions inherent in definition and expression give us a full feel and place in our community and world at large. We believe literature is the highest expression of this language, which is the real breath of man. We believe the written word is most worthy of study. And when you translate this, drop all English and adapt it fully to the language I am courting.



We believe every man instinctively seeks a commune based on the person he is and has chosen to be. We believe this search is often unconscious, as when a man commits a violent crime in order to join a prison. We believe asylums and prisons are not punishments, but rewards, being the best communal place for such personalities. We believe the stigma surrounding these establishments is merely initiation costs. We believe that every commune works to become self-dependent, progressing through the stages of parasite of the world to slave of the world to copartner with the world, as a child grows from fetus, to obedient child, to productive citizen.



We believe that competition and cruelty is as human and necessary as cooperation and kindness. We believe that competition compels us to accomplish our best. We believe the nations ought to compete in such forms as the Olympics and other competitive sports for the sake of the pleasure of the spectators and countries. We believe men are voyeuristic to all greatness, and love to see the voyeurism of others on their own greatness.



We believe politicians make policy according to researched polls in a representative government, advised again by their own personal policy and principle, a policy which is politely protected by the police, and the policing managers which it enact, for the strength and stability of the polis.



We believe man ought to work as little as necessary when his leisure contains his value, and as much as reasonable when the work itself is his value. We believe capital represents all that is good in man, that money symbolizes both the goods it can buy, and also the goodness in man that produced them. Affirming capital, we also affirm capitalism at the most individual and the most global level.



We are the cult of our culture, acculturating the world through our effort. We gather to share our creations, and to study. We may study from our own personally chosen scripture, be it New Testament, or Dhammapada, or Emerson's Essays, Darwin's Descent of Man and the work of his later disciples, Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zaruthustra, or whatever else. We enrich the theme with our own interpretations.



We hold these optimisms to direct all our self appraisals: For every problem I face, there exists a best solution I am capable of producing. This is sufficient. I can be the best I can be: nothing more could be asked of me. During any time in my life, there is a happiest I can be. No other aim is fair. No matter what situation I find myself in, I have a best I can do. This is perfection, and I fully pride myself in it. I am practical in every panic. We pledge to be utterly selfish to our full Self: each to each and then each to his other.




Perfection Is Easy


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