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1 – middle finger -- WOTAN


            Wotan is the one whom the word “God” invokes, both spirits grown from Germanic souls, this wandering God sings through me too. At this very moment a bolt exploded outside my door and set the car alarms screaming. So good to recognize the name of one’s Will. God I call my will, and will never call any other by such a divine name.

            In the Greek mythology, Kaos makes Eros and Earth; from Earth arises Uranos, from them Cronos, and Cronos undid the oneness of the world by dividing heaven from earth, three from four. This initial violence upon the material world is present in all mythologies, where often the material for the universe is bad,  as is the giant Ymir, who (though fed by the Cow Audhumla, type of the mother’s love, and this mother the birth from the salty water tiamat) is yet made from poison, is bad, until he is differentiated when the German trinity busts him up and turns his skull into the sky, his brain the clouds, his thoughts the wind, his blood the sea.

            Oneness becomes world, and the world is evil until it is differentiated, heirarchized, put into place, structured by will. Nothing is good till a man creates it. Nor is man made out of pure ymir, mere soil and clay, but he is carved from the noble ash, from the same stuff as the world tree, which touching the nine worlds stands for the womb of the motherverse, for man returns to the Ash, and Embla with him, and when the universe regrows a more complex cycle, gods are left behind, and man survives.

Gods are the father generation and the son generation: the overwill and the underwill. They stand for the mind of man.

All we call God is merely a name by which we hide the Will of mankind. God has amounted only and always to the will of Man. Man as one is monotheos, men as many are pantheos.

* *
* *

            “Anki” means sky and earth, heaven and land, yin and yang, the dualizing of the one world.

            Let us digest these tender bits.

“Ea” is born of Ocean, is himself deep, like Poseidon, the God of wisdom. Therefore, he resembles both Maid Satan and also Sophia. No matter—archetypes are no mere concepts, they do not exclude each other.

            “Adam” is not Adonia, but really El himself, created by Elohim, but here, the simple equation will confound you, Adam = El, like a Buddhist Koan, which if I overexplained would blind rather than enlighten you: but here’s a breath of inspiration: God breathed his spirit into the clay of Adam – indeed, his whole breath, until he became Adam Enki; put in parallel with Jesus, the “second Adam, full God and full man” this mythic key will go a long way in enlightening you to treasures deeper than orthodoxy.

            “Cronos” is Saturn is El is Osiris is Tammuz – easy enough! And they are all Baal, bull, crooked horns, reapers, harvesters, crow beak. Zeus overthrows the Father God and rules in his place as a God of thunder.

            Eros and Kaos are two aspects of one person, the daughter of Man—Sophia. Together, they stand for Crea, or Care, another name for “Selecting of Focus,” moving together or apart. El and his son Ra, in themselves stand for the Rael, the Real of experience.

            El is left, is death, is time, is marriage; Ra is right, is light, is life, is oath is Odin. We speak of the week beginning and ending in rest: Sunday of Ra, Saturday of El, and together they are SS – Sanctus Spiritus.

* *
* *

            Violence, full grown, self-overcomes into Justice, which in turn, self-overcomes into Mercy.

            El stands for Will, and thus is the God of dark, as Will is always dark, a viewer of the light, but not equal to it. “Make no image of me,” but the true image of him is Satan, who is unredeemingly in love with him.

            As the dark will, as the negative aspect, as the jealous, as the powerful, as the masculine, as the ugly, we see the male. The God of light, the angel of light, the morning star is always Satan and his mother Luciana. The God of Love must be warmth and beauty, must be the sun, and so the sun is the face of the mother, and indirectly also Sophia, Wisdom, Luciana.

            And yet the son of Wotan is Balder, the God who descends to hell but returns to rule the world – God life Light and Beauty. Who is light? Who is dark?

            For we know, earth is woman is darkness. And the feminine is the unconscious, the dark.  It must finally be that woman is black and white, and man is some admixture of color. He stands between the external light and the internal night. He is transitional figure, the will, the gate, the door. Man is the transition from darkness to light, from light to darkness, the months spring, the March Ram, the edge, the arrow, the expander, the teeth that eat.

            There is a Will within the unconscious, another consciousness, our Second, which is sometimes called Animus or Anima, the black eye in the Yang, the White eye in the Yin.

            Consciousness is matter, and in human beings, deepened, opened, allowed. The Father stands for will, force, violence, and those for Virtue—the great creators and sustainers of mankind. The passions, the feelings, the neurotics who want to save mankind, and thus, the Christ, who wants to be “in the Father,” is the great homosexual urge, the fear of the Mother, who, though prophesized to pierce her heart is instead himself pierced four times on her body.

            Will is consciousness, and there is no unconscious will. Yet what we call “Father,”what those lacking will instead sacrifice to, pray and worship, is the power of all life, the great logos of the ratiocreativity.

            The four parts played by man in regard to the Father, as Saint, Philospher, Poet, and Hero are thus: the hero figuratively kills his father, for only in this way can he honor him. The Poet has his mother’s tongue, and like the Saint, must necessarily enact homosexuality, must lust and fear his father. The thinker comprehends the father, and thus gives birth to himself, and turns his father into a step-father, a missing father, a surrogate, a brother. A philosopher has no father.

* *
* *

            Need is the All, Power the Hand of the All, and hand the Fire, that which eats the sacrifice, the great maker, the Aye of Eye of I.

* *
* *

            Yahweh is an Ass. Saturn is the star of the Ass, who stands for will and stubborness, as the name Iao also means “ass.” Saviors such as Dionysus and Jesus make their procession on an ass.

* *
* *


Husband of the Holy Spirit is called Zeus by the Greeks: he doubles the spirit female, he is paraclete, which impregnates each people a new religion. Ghost is the schizophrenic spirit which in Babel fragmented into the different factions of man. As the Babylonians had it, Enki busted up the Spirit into a thousand flaming tongues, called Legion of Babble.

Zeus is Ieus when the Z becomes the I it originally was. This is always the younger generation gaining control. “I” and “Z” are not merely the hand that throws, but the bolt let fly

Elohim are men speaking paraclete, creating by language. In this, the spirit always existed, but became paraclete, or invoked, when man first spoke. Spirit is the dimension of matter that experiences, and the holy spirit is the language, or symbol, which that experience takes. The thoughts of mother are deeper and older than the holy spirit, than the word of man.

* *
* *

            Uranos the sky is born from the earth and husbands her, till El Kronos of the seventh day castrates him.

Matria pulls little Yahweh by the ear for being such a devilish prankster on his people, and so she feeds him to hell, but he isn’t the poorer for it. She slaps Shiva for talking back. She feckles her freckles, the little incarnations of Buddha, Jesus, Cain, Socrates, Nietzsche, who injected the race with a blasphemy against the spirit, which is in other words, a new word. Damn is the Dam, the Grand Dame, Matria. To damn another is to expect him to finish his growth in her womb, hell—and Hel is the Tao woman, beauty and death, Shivat God eater, Satan lover great.

Enki, the Jah, Magician-King, lord of heart-water, semen, irrigated the fields, where his semen was stolen by Ishtar, who impregnated herself, brought forth a daughter, whom Enki impregnated in turn, and her daughter in turn. He also fertilized the earth and Isthar brough forth the trees of knowledge. He ate and learned and was impregnated by his own semen. Lacking a womb for himself, Ishtar took the children from him and brought them forth, except for Ninti, Eve, Mother rib of Life. And she represents the breaking of the phallus out of the vaginal heart, as in Uranos seperated from earth, and bleeding like menses into a menses Sea, born at last Aphrodite.

            Cronus is the Baal bull born of heaven and earth, the roaring bell of the bull, “El” meaning highborn, crowned with horns, the horns a scythe, to cut the air of heaven.

            Yahweh could never be an El, as indeed Zeus could never be a Saturn. They are bursts of fury, whereas El and Saturn were a more sustained forboding.

Kronos the crow God

A scythe as beak for the elder

the teeth of time for his children

black as raven

a Judge in jersey

who dares the word



Who are his graduates

In four pointed hats of black?

The Elite.

And the world wears

the double scythe of his beak

The hands of the idol chronos

on walls and wrist.

            Saturn, as son of earth and heaven, and as castrator of heaven, the eternal, is mortality, death, harvest, father time. Shakespeare writes constantly against him, and in fact every poem yet invented is an emissary against time.

            Not for nothing was I named “Judge of God”! I side with Wotan, I side with Hermes, I am wary of stagnant will.

            Cronus as bull, or the lusty sun, is yet numbered as 7, and given the six pointed “star of david,” which when rearranged is the standard hour glass.

            Therefore, our Will is ever at war with itself: Father and Son, El versus Yahweh, Cronos versus Zeus. The generational gap. It seems the Germans alone lacked this tension, where instead we have the tension between friends – Wotan and his blood brother Loki. As the spirit of gravity, Satan unites father and son, father and daughter, specifically, as in the person of the baptist, to “unite father and son” after which Jesus “Divides son from father” yet again.

            YHWH as tetragrammaton is akin to the 4 beasts of the vision: man, ox, eagle, and lion.

            Adam is Enki is Elohim is El, Saturn, the son of heaven and earth, first man, called first-thought, fore-thought, Prometheus, who steals fire from his father heaven. And again Adam is Atum is the spirit born of the sea, first and greatest of all Gods. Its ubiquitous, we all know the story. We call the first Atum, or El, and we call his son Ra, son, Yahweh, Zeus, a hundred other names. All these together I mean by “Father,” “Iao,” and “Ra-El”; we will call him REAL, and the only thing real is realiziation, the conscious I, the acting Will. And so we call him Real, bride of Care. Reality- real; Care – crea; basic motifs: you are made out of them. Sovf is the sum of your habits, your wisdom, and Wotan is the awareness of you mind, your will. As El he harvests and breaks apart, father time, maker of the week; as Ra he combines again.

            Wotan is the week, strength of days: Wednesday is the center, Tyr and Thurs twins at his side, Moon and Frigg beskirt, and Sunday Saturday the lengths of him.




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