Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Amour's Lament" a poem

Amour's Lament


Can you not see my love is flush with desire?

I'm standing at your door calling to your yawn

Dismiss me not my Psychic love

Tilt your tips of bliss for me

I will fill you, ever fill you with the stuff of love.


Our naked legs laced together like licorice

My strawberry tipped love pressed against your warmth

The heart of my shaft has pierced your desire

Your lungs, they pant for me


Why then do you turn me away with words of scorn?

Amour is burned and scorched with the immortal torch

Love's oil of toil has sank into eternal flesh

I wanted more, ever want more -- and yet in darkness I must flee!




\ ~@M@~ /


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