Friday, February 10, 2012

"Anticipations of Spring" some verse

Some verses inspired by anticipations of spring



                I am soft as a fawn, I am fierce as hail, I'm high as the sun and my shadow sinks to the centermost; my words are as nourishing as the Mother's milk, my anger is Father volcanic; I arch my back stark and reach forth my arms triumphantly, like branches of the World Tree; the future of mankind hides under my trunk, the end of the world will not bring me down; I've a root in the well of wisdom, I've a root in the weirded well of fate, I've a root in hell, and deepening darkness, and my branches of power reach over every world; my bark is rotting, my bark is healing, the dragon bites at my toe, the deer nibble at my fingers, I am always dying, I am always reborn; I am the butterfly, and yet I am the worm to tomorrow's butterfly; I am countless wombs daily being filled, I am ripened wombs daily giving birth; my love is a universe if of fire, being snuffed here, being kindled there; my lithe limbs stretch like growth and cramp like decay; I am always the same, I am different every day, my moods are volatile as the rainbow glaze of the hovering bubble of soap, my purpose is as gradual and implacable as resolute glacier; I am all in all, I am the special part; I am art of the system, I am her finest logic.


Come my loves, there's no time for shyness

Sleep is near, she craves us all

Sleep is a lover who won't long be denied

Who can compete with the release her fingers can give?

Till then I hold to one goal, as loyal as love to my single goal

I aim in all To see you hear with me.


I stir the sea with hurricanical ankle

I eat the earth with forks of lightening

I the flying singularity

My breath, the certain symmetry

My flush of sun and springtime melt

Felt with wordless hurt of Pleasures Ache.


With Titanic grasp on heaven's fall

My perfect verse your soul absolves

Shuddered thrust of pointed rhyme

I barter back your loss in time

My hold of love like molten glass

Laughing dance my limbs enfold you

And murmur truths undressed and binding

Frame of oak and floor of glass

A mansion for our love's repose.

With limbs as lithe as necks of swans

With smile as soft as Mother's praise

From twisted cables my shoulders fall

And turn the word at the heart of all.


When thunder grumbles and obeys

When gravity cumbers and serves my slave

I gentle alive the cry in your soul

And show you the worth of your inner birth.


The air you breathe is sacred here

My lovers' pledge dispels all fear

When this machine will neatly fold its joints

My shock of God will pour full over the Earth.



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