Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"oifia" a poem





Mute goddess of tender grace

says all without lifting the lips of her face


Omniscience her dance

omnipotence her smile

Her eyes destroy worlds

With kindness for guile


The 88 of split infinity

Her wings the breaking of heaven to dust

of stars, sparking souls again and again

coming to life, coming in life

She is Ama's wings, and Ama's grace

Monarch butterfly

Softer than lace.


She binds the world in terrible fate

laughing child, stronger than chain

She dances nude and pride and innocent

peerless, sublime

She fetters all souls with purity of mind.


Dare trust again

She mocks and smirks

Dare love Ama

With all your worth

Shed guilt and guile

Simply bleed

The advisers advise

Pay them no heed

Obey your heart

Trust only in this

The depth of your brow

The fresh of my kiss

I the tender all

Break you like grass

Tie you like flowers

Command you with laughs

You shiver to your pith

At my giggling grace

Until you forget your misdeeds

And recall your true Face.


Amen and Vivoce.



-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy


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