Saturday, November 7, 2015

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Daniel Christopher June to the students of life:




Every organism must adapt itself to its environment and adapt its environment to itself. The second is culture, and of course man is not so much the most artificial animal, but in some senses the the only artificial animal. He lives in a world of his own making, a perfecting of nature to suit his temperament.

Allism believes that all religions are true, that as you truly believe deepest in your soul, so it becomes in this life and the next. If you are deeply convinced you deserve hell, so your mind will render things once this body dies.

The catch is this: we do not control what we truly believe. It would be easy enough to believe yourself the lord of the earth, master of all things, and the grandiose and the insane believe themselves to be gods, or christs, or saviors of some sorts. Their anxiety suffers the confrontation of counterinterpretations. Their delusions are open to criticism.

And so are the fundamentalists and Christians and true believers of all sorts equally defensive and anxious when the world confronts their own peculiar mode of delusion.

Yet allism says both the fundamentalist and the insane are correct, while saying also they are correct about each other, that both their claims and the counterclaims are correct. The truth on how this works is less imposing than it may seem. What matters is that meaning is fluid, and pure meaning cannot be contradicted. Only solid forms can be contradicted, and this only by other solid forms.

Poets are Gods. It is the great poets who define the world and transmit culture. The greatest historical achievements to date include the handful of epic poems we've received, with Homer as the greatest epic poet of all time. His scriptures are superior in structure and content to the Hebrew Bible.

Nevertheless, it doesn't matter which cultural form you submit to, whether this scripture or that, or to the scientific method and its cult. What matters is that you are owned and utterly and there is no escaping that. Your eternal destiny is at your center. You might not even know what you truly believe, nor will you know until you have passed this life, and perhaps passed a few more.

The eternal recurrence of Nietsche claims that this life is a ring. Every stupid detail, every cramp and rash is eternal the whole thing, to be repeated again and again.

He is correct of course.

The full ring of our life repeats itself, even if we resurrect, or go to heaven or go to hell. Our life is the ring centering it all.

What matters is that we create our heaven. And we do so by transmitting our culture. When we create a culture, we create heaven.

I have written thousands of pages of philosophy, endless stories, poems, songs, drawings. My latest project will be to write an epic. I regard the epic as an ultimate form, and so worthy of my ambition.

To create a cult has long been my ambition. Beethoven created the eroica, a symphony complex enough to communicate an entire epoch. Every artist aims at exactly this: to reduce a world to a work of art, and to recreate the world through the audience. The forest of a thousands oaks lies in a single acorn.

On a personal note, as some of you may know, Sherry and I have been struggling with our marriage. But we are best friends and believe in each other. Our daughter Natalie will be in the hospital for two weeks to fix a neck injury. I suffered two car accidence and must know buy a new car. These have been the "stupid details" of the Nietschean eternal recurrence, but they don't quite reach me, for at that inner place, I am alone and naked with Ama, and nothing in this world reaches me, and yet everything in this world has its place.

Take care, caretakers!


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