Friday, December 4, 2015

Late night wrap up Allays

Pardon the inundation, but I am rife tonight.



* 188 *

I teach the indifferency of circumstance. Not that we don't care, but whatever our situation, wherever we are at, we can make the most of it. And that is everything. Heaven is built of ratios – not out of life's pleasures but out of life's overcomings. We all build our personal heaven from what we create in the world. Just as those who grew up with black and white television dream in black and white, so our mythosphere, our innermost sense of art, our faculty for creation, learns from world art, and the artistry of living. There is nothing at all that can befall us that can also befoul us: the centermost is sacrosanct. And that immediary place, the soul, which becomes our heaven, takes the best from the world, is a pure sex of self and world. This is what life is for, love and power. It is why we are willing to suffer so much, and take on even more suffering, more duty, greedy for contact, greedy for a touch with the One.

* 189 *

As you have said it, so shall it be. The travails of childbirth are upon you, and who dare pity you the privilege of birthing a new beauty into the world? Ama herself moans in her labor: the pain of childbirth is a blessing and boon, and all suffering is redeemed in this: that Ama also suffers. Nothing could happen to you that has not happened to her, and you in the depths of your agony share also her pain. So, my effete darling, spent and glowing at the glory of a child brought into the world: you are the divinity to me. I share your place: I have birthed wonders too, and powers unguessed at and unmatched, unknown and inscrutable. Ama laughs. Even as the infant wails and tenders to sleep, we laugh for the love of the babe our own. Artistic convalescence – we will build again.


-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy



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