Tuesday, December 1, 2015

allay *180* of God and ideals


God is a cosmic projection board, that much is obvious, that whatever we idealize, we also attribute to God, so that what we love best in ourselves is true also of the deity. "The God of the cannibals will be a cannibal," etc. and to have this insight is the opposite of atheism, assuming, as we do, that we individually are immortal and eternal -- which is our inescapable sense of reality, no matter how often we bleed. What is true of our God is also secretly true of us, so that if God is wrathful yet forgiving, so will we tend to be.


We love what we love, and when we speak of Truth, rather than the truth, or Love, rather than love, or Justice, rather than justice, we are idealizing, making a fiction towards which reality must march.


All this is another way of saying we have faith, we believe in something, we love something, we aspire, and it is as true with the atheist and his Science, and the Universe, which are more or less capitalized too, in his heart. Ama is all: I fault no one their preferred term for her, not even a Satanist.


Yet lest we sell our soul to get into heaven, I remind you, as you need to be reminded, that in your center is the allthing, the Aya, the Self, the Name, and only in reflection, or in blasphemy and atheism, or in fully withdrawing from the foreign divine, from society, from your family, and become all in all in yourself, in your meditation, can you love the self, or friend and family, or God herself. You must give the Judas kiss to love the Christ. He who has not hated me is unworthy of me.


-- R 88s Я --

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