Wednesday, January 24, 2018

brief update, allays 906 - 910

Daniel Christopher June to the Students of Life:


I've been writing a few things lately: these Allays, at a slower rate; the Seamings, a collection of myths; and the Emilegends, a fantasy adventure story for my daughter. So as not to overwhelm your email, I only send the allays. I have also been writing a hymn to Ama on my guitar which I will share by-and-by.

There is nothing worth writing about regarding my life: everything is rather ordinary and as-to-be-expected – as I prefer! – the kids are schooled, the wife is getting along fine with her job. My own job is about to be caput, but I remain rather void and unfelt about it: life is life! So it goes …

A few of you have written back to comment on the allays as of late and I GREATLY appreciate that. I will respond to you individually soon.

Take care, Caretakers!


* 905 *

The oversoul of most the flu viruses out there hovers especially over East Asia, where the condensation of people and animals lets them mutate and spread at a creative rate. After daring strains generate themselves, the flu exports itself worldwide. Likewise, for every creative niche in human history – ancient Athens, Renaissance Florence and London, modern day Silicon Valley --a few geniuses magnetized the genii loci profoundly enough to constellate a few ideas, mutating and passing back and forth like the viruses' DNA. Such a constellation of intelligent people allows the ideas to morph and stretch and triumph, before exporting worldwide. My friend John tells me the paintings of the Italian Renaissance condense deep wisdom in their frames, deeper than the books and music of the time. He who sees may also receive. Every age invents its interface. Ages that follow, through their criticism and appraisals, hang upon those hooks further meanings still.


* 906 *

When Jesus struggles, lately, he might call upon his Daddy, or his Virginal Mother, but more often they ignore him – God fails – and so he goes to the source and asks for Ama's love. But not even he approaches Mattria, who often faces too monolithic and terrible for my own eager awe to span. If Jesus loses his nerve with Her, if Yahweh and the Virgin prefer Ama to Mattria, what might we say about the awful wonder of the All, Mattria? I use pet names, I use commonplaces. My tongue won't move otherwise, my fingers seize -- I will not type. Utter is your word. Your silence reaches deeper than we ken. Ama, blanket me in love!


* 907 *

When Ama speaks through your mind, she uses what you have for locution: your brain is her rhetoric. Mirror meditating, we come to the Dawn of a Revelation, not in a vision of final things or in an inkling of the start, but in something simple, a phrase, a truth, so obvious, so trite, so not-worth-saying because you always knew it, yes, but you never realized the truth of it. With our cosmic conceits and grasping for eternal things, how little we wanted: the love of a spouse, our father's pride, our mother's care, our children's respect and honor. To know simply "I am good," and to truly realize this is more a feat than predicting the future or reading others' minds. The beginner starts with simplicity, and is wrong; the master returns to simplicity, and is right; but the immediary stages – the journey – require labyrinthine twists and baptisms in Stygian streams. Odysseus may scramble over land and sea, blind the Cyclops, charm Circe, best the suitors, yet his end result is the simplest of things, what we all want: a homecoming. Let the elder learn from the child if he forgot: simple truths mean the most.


* 908 *

In the furnace of Lux, the battle of words – "Spiritual Warfare," my church taught me to call it – whoever gets to define a term exerts rhetorical and polemical power. We try to come to terms, and yet pull the carpet from under our opponents by redefining words to our adventage. Thus my college church defined Christianity as a "relationship with God," and their competition as "mere religions." Religion here meant "man attempting to approach the divine by his own agency." Likewise, I was required to take a diversity class that defined racism as an attitude possible only by the race in power, and hence, in America, only whites are capable of racism. The philosophical gesture at coming to terms hides the rhetorical subterfuge of stacking the deck in one's favor – heads I win, tails you lose.

Some people would like to define God into or out of existence, would define their problems away, as if one could control the ideological reality of a thought as thought by outlawing the words used to express it. When a meaning is necessary, it will function with or without its words. Thus, the attempt to control mass attitudes through controlling public speech – outlawing some speech as "hate speech" -- hopes to define its problems away, as if the problem were semantic.

Whoever defines the "neutral" vocabulary infects the terms with their weighings and biases. We are all interested parties, nor is the ideal of science all too helpful in matters of value. Science is also partisan. Seek and you shall find, whatever it is you wish to find.



* 909 *

In the typical inversion of order, "Man came first, and woman came from his body" – which happened nowhere ever; or "The Word came first and then became flesh" -- when clearly only flesh speaks. Paradox, oxymoron, self-contradiction, and mysticism muddy the waters to make them appear deep.



-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy



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