Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Update and Allays 893 - 900

Daniel Christopher June to the Students of Life:



I began a new job recently, working as Peer Support Specialist for Our Place, of Grand Rapids Michigan. Well, funding was cut, so in 30 days I will be given the opportunity to seek employment elsewhere. My friend Ivan claims this is Trump's doing, which gave me an immediate relief: the budget cut was the brainchild of our exhalted and self-exhalted leader!


So what to do next? Freelance writing? Office work? Whatever! Hopefully something that educates me further in my progression with Allism.


The kids are thick into school; the wife is absorbed in her job. I have the cognitive space to invest some energy in into this year's goal: to professionally publish a book at an establishing publishing company. Do any of you recommend which of my writings is the likeliest to find an audience.



Take care, Caretakers!



* 893 *

There is much to commend the Mormon valuation of husbandry as the blessed state: the more a man can manage his family, the better; and so we may readily spiritualize the spiritualized and ask "How do I husband my psychological resources?" – since, in managing a home, we are talking about economy.

Lacking energy, as I often do with this double-headed bipolar, I learn to hive my ideas, to impregnate my wombs, to stockpile the dynamite – to use three metaphors for one idea. Respect yourself. Respect your own necessities. Be slow to decide, and, once decided, hold to your truth at all costs and at any hazard to life or honor.

Ama smiles and says, I told you patience was power, as my playful one, Trazhiar, returns from her self-banishment. Never fret, but wait with me. I am the Maat of eternal balance, the scales of cosmic compensation. Therefore, busy yourself with me, with us, and I will return again in this form or that.


* 894 *

We teach our situation to think for us. All our friends, all our community, receive a piece of us, and make of it what they can. Those sympathetic to us offer their sympathies, those antithetical to us offer their antipathies, and, knowing these, seeing these, we can casually or carefully drop a secret, an opinion, a query, an opinion, fully expecting, or at least unconsciously expecting, a certain response, but never fully certain of that response, even as I do not know if my own opinions of things will be the same next year; as I surprise myself, and you yourself, so our outermind surprises us and also comprises us. We think through our givings and misgivings. We tell on ourselves without meaning to, but really meaning to. Difficult to analyze, difficult to map, but the individual mind reaches far beyond the skull.


* 895 *

What is written never fades, though ink will smear and pages mold; the true writing is upon spacetime, a golden bible, of which every copy is a mere translation. All animals write, for memories are written: even animals lacking in speech write, for writing is original, and speech secondary. Could we squint the right way, we would see the original words beneath the given text. The universe is the one verse, a great poem, an eternal tome, the ultimate book, and every difference we make inks our name.


* 896 *

We can miss an obvious truth, if we so wish. Like Hamlet playing with doubt, we can analyze, counter-analyze, and miss what sits right before our eyes. Where love is, it cannot long be hidden; where love is not, it cannot long be faked. The one who suffers you, forgives you, waits patiently for you – these are telling. A fire kindles in the lover's eyes whenever the beloved is present. For the false lover, angst descends. We love until we don't, we try until we can't. So hold on to nothing, fasten till you can't. Then, let go of loss.



* 897 *

Your arms enchain me, your grasp enmanacles, your hands cuff mine, your hugs encage, your lips enslave my own -- so I can only speak your name.

My grail thirst, my shiver for your golden fleece, my thrust for your white brow -- these brought me here.


* 898 *

Intimacy is based on proximity: we begin surrounded by mother, and, by degrees, escape her influence, family influence and yet, by osmosis, internalize the genius of our location, whatever it might be. Our setting opens us up. And so our company, those we let close, influence us, make us virtuous without effort or fill us with vices we would not otherwise tolerate. Contact is invisible, inaudible, is the subtle as such, and we contract by contagion the soul of those around us. For spirit, which is language, spreads soul, which is feeling and attitude.

How difficult, then, to escape the burden of debt, when somebody else gave us our soul. The way Christian Scientists condemned Mesmerism and the way Scientologists condemned Psychoanalysis bespeak the unmentionable debt they owe to their parents. We must push away from the edge of the pool to swim. What won't budge we can yet escape: cut anchor and flee.

Burn the witch, and your children will inhale her smoke. What you define yourself against still defines you. What you damn haunts you in your hell. What you bind on earth will have been bound in heaven, what you loose on earth will have been loosed in hell. The digestion of life follows the tongue. I thank Ama the tongue is on the front end of our digestive system, the exit end of our spiritual system – the organ for sip, say, and sapience.


* 899 *

Once upon a time people lived happily after. Why not now? Why not me, for heaven's sake? For this reason, and know it well: Life is life! If you wanted things easy, why did you choose to be born? If you wanted a better childhood, why did you choose these parents? No backsides, now; you're up to your neck in it, and if nobody cares to rescue you – God bless them! -- rescue yourself!

I don't know about life being fair, or in what cosmic court you'd sue God for restitution. Probably, he'd just ask a lot of rhetorical questions, announcing his bravado, and what a mighty arm he possessed, while Satan never let him live it down afterwards; but in the bigger picture, know this: Ama is with you, she suffers exactly what you suffer, and as she bids you to do, she aims to make the most of it, and everything else, in her best of all possible worlds. Don't see the world perfect. Make it perfect. Having done your best, you've done it all.


* 900 *

There are two whom Ama loves: the cheerful giver, and the grateful receiver.



-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy



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