Wednesday, January 31, 2018

update, allays 910 - 917

Daniel Christopher June to the Students of Life:


Not much of an update, just more of the same. I've been writing the Allays, the Emilegends, and the Seamings. I've been reading Kenneth Burke, Harold Bloom, Zizek, Bakhtin, Dewey – mostly literary critics – with a look at the Gita, the Tao te Ching, and the Gospel of Truth. Digesting a lot, thinking a lot, preparing

Take care, Caretakers!


* 910 *

The troubled marriage between reactionary conservatives and utopian progressives, valorizing the past and the future, respectively, but relying on each other for a necessary brake and limit, delight, as politicians do, in exposing and humiliating the dirty secrets and dreadful truths in the souls of the other. In politics and religion, the delusion of righteous indignation reaches fever pitch, such that one resorts to fantasies and rhetoric of murdering the opposition. With the scape-goat principle, warfare with an external enemy gives the purge to this frustration.


* 911 *

We each discover our God-term, and from Her, we gain the Muses of our life. A Muse inspires, a generative matrix, which establishes a cluster of tropes and charges the ground with their energy. Hidden wounds, lost and forgotten loves, impossible hopes, ineffable visions, or perhaps even persistant moods – good or bad – become such matrices, granting us the master tropes by which to generate our creations.

A great author never repeats: he writes from necessity, and having written, faces a new crisis, a new emergence. A geniune act adds something new to the world, and cannot be fully explained in terms of precedents.

Private wounds or secret joys can both inspire – every man and woman founds their own source.


* 912 *

Who has pierced the sunlight, pressed his gaze through three her veils, spied the center of the sunshine, to the hidden letter there, scripted there upon the spacetime, the subtle murmur of her wonder, need the name, her resonance, sunlight shedding from her presence, across the worlds for eyes to see, and other stars to catch her sense from photons scripted with her will, angelic missives towards the all?

Who has heard the laughing river, sat and dwelled on water song, past the joy of ever turning, past the flux of changing fast, felt the cadence of the silence, the silence at her depth of wonder, smiling silence, such that laughter echoes from her secret place?


* 913 *

God is allowance. What you desire in your heart is yours to receive – the heart is proof. And again: if you want a thing, deserve it. Eternal Life is no gift, but a life worthy of Eternity. There can be no shortcut, no grace or gift, but your actions are your gift, and your deeds are your heaven. Fear it not. All you create and give remains yours still. Make your mansion now, time eternal. Your best is everything – perfection is easy. Do what you can till you can do what you will.


* 914 *

As technology is applied science, so is magic applied poetry. Magic, charms, glamours, spells, enchantments – we secularize them under the term Rhetoric. Pure science is math and pure poetry is music. We see that math and music correspond, and so are one, but as math we have pure form, and as melody we have pure substance. Every religion produces rites, rituals, myths, and magic (though the word may be forbidden). The abracadabra of transubstantiating the Eucharist performs such a function. For those who dance through life, and enchant with the bare inflections of their voice, life is magic. The rest of us must approach the mystery through discipline.


* 915 *

"There is no justice on earth, so do whatever you can get away with. There is no justice in heaven, so live for today." Those who merely see chance and happenstance fail to see the law that binds them. Every fraction of transgression means something to our ultimate auditor, our self. Justice is the interest of the stronger? Certainly, yet kindness can also be a strength, and if one cannot be kind and giving, he finds himself not rich, but poor, not strong, but weak. Actions rebound. What you do today does you tomorrow. The people will suffer abuse so long as abuses are sufferable, yet everything compensates, and even the outrage that it doesn't seem to compensate is already more compensation. Necessity would be a terrible god lacked we an equal necessity as Self. Having that, we are equal to all the universe.


* 916 *

If you lack a witness, know yourself. Ama's soothe is well enough. Let the world be ungrateful, while you keep on giving; let the world be critical, while you indifferently work by your own standards; let the world be demanding, while giving what you think fair; let the world condemn you, and smile in innocence. You require no secondary witness. Only the self knows self. Perfection knows perfection. Convince nobody at all: convince only yourself.


* 917 *

What is a life? How might we symbolize a stay on earth? Is there a book of life? Can an autobiography bind us? Could a life be lyricized, novelized, cinematized, symphonized? Certainly, something translates from epic to novel, from novel to movie. Is not our life this eternal center that translates into every medium and genre in turn? Life is so over-abundant, such a cornucopia of excess, that she is never exhuasted, no heaven can ceiling her, no hell floor her, she is out of bounds, limited, ever and only, by herself, the way Mattria's outermost edge is her innermost center. I could break my Way a thousand times, into myths, novels, allays, hymns. Nothing will exhaust my sense. I give but the tip of an eternal arch. You suckle my secrets in silence. We've together made this.



-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy



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