Thursday, May 3, 2018

update, allays 961 - 968

Daniel Christopher June to the Students of Life:


So as far as update goes, I've been writing articles for my job; Natalie broke her arm and will be in a sling for 6 weeks; spring is finally here and I'm fevered for her. Not much also to note. How about you?

Take care, Caretakers!


* 961 *

Winning is doing.


* 962 *

The higher our leaves reach up to the sky, the deeper our roots sink into the ground. Law is formal, law polite, but some private love – love is transgression – sustains us. The secret shame, that secret joy, which we hold in our heart and hide behind every mask of hypocrisy, warms us, secures us, nurtures, and supports us. I kiss you this in our utter innocence.


* 963 *

In all discourse, we see text and commentary: text and commentary, implication and explication, memory and assumption, reality and interpretation. Get at the original experiences, put yourself under trial and experience that actual event. Talk with Ama, touch your innermost Self. In whatever setting – in love, in science, in art – suffer the discourse, do the thing. Commentary comes second.

In any book, in any text, look for the kernel experiences, the tropestars, the argument-generating events; take that in your teeth, hold tight! We must know in order to realize. Knowing is death, realization the resurrection.

Disdain the copies. Get at the originals. Who spoke first, who envisioned it? Who birthed the wonder? Popularity is twice refuted: what is original will always by a higher pleasure, a more difficult pleasure, one that must be earned. So earn it! See commentary for commentary, but go for the pulse. With a friend, with a book, look for the nodal events in the text, in their biography. Those hidden tropes weave the whole.


* 964 *

Children are worry. My wisdom says Life is a Game and we must strategize to enjoy. As for the purity of the child too innocent to strategize – we still believe this lie, do we not? -- they need shrewd and worriful parents to protect them with paranoid eyes on all the world. I walk as a child naked alone in my garden, in this office my Aria. However in public, before the world, I am clothed, masked and hidden. Be slow to know. Set your pace to your own heart's drummer.


* 965 *

Oh! You who are weighed by the gloom of a too soon world, what have I to do with you today, when I'm fevered with spring and lust to try the skies of a blush eaten sky, as the sun beds her heat and shine beyond, the mattress of a mad midnight black. Her madness is mind, I fly in your Name.


* 966 *

Ours I celebrate, all that is you and all that is me, soul of my soul, selfsame, twinsun, lover my own! Listen to our song, our talk, our love, our making of love, our disputes and praise; listen to the undersong between us, that brooding cello of our navel to navel same. I would in you, I would of you. I feel to kindle you, I feel to burn! You are the heart of my love, you the way of my bliss.


* 967 *

Shall we fight, O Ye of the Single Name! Every handle I put upon you you shrug off -- I the Namer, you the Unnamer. You do not walk behind, for there is no after me: I am the flood. As river swallows river, as flame swallows flame, so us to the other, now and again, side-by-side, One.


* 968 *

One is an instance, two a possibility, three a pattern.



-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy



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