Wednesday, May 16, 2018

update, allays 969 - 973

Daniel Christopher June to the Students of Life:


Nothing to report but more of the same: I'm waiting on three paychecks; happy day when they make their way to my hand. Natalie's broke arm is getting better; in three weeks it will be back to normal. Summer is coming, which means my sleep schedule will drastically change, so that means less writing (I write at night). I hope all of you are doing well!

Take care, Caretakers!


* 969 *

Oppositions and appositions relate in various ways. War is at war with peace, war is at peace with peace; peace is at war with war, peace is at peace with war. Not all binaries are hierarchical. Shall we prefer the hierarchical or the non-hierarchical? Shall we prefer the constructed or the deconstructed, the binary or the non-binary, the difference or the same? Each relates to the other in various ways, for binary is multiplicity – each is all, and this is also that. Opposites identify. Oppositions can contradict themselves and yet maintain their integrity. Up versus down; hot versus cold; man versus woman; good versus evil — in so many ways do these relate, that no one opposition can serve as metaphor for them all. One term may be original in some ways, derived in others; preferred in some ways, not in others. Guilt is the opposite of pride, in one sense; the opposite of innocence, in another; the opposite of shame, in a third. From the one comes two, from the two comes three, from three comes many.

* 970 *

How often our moment of bliss leads to conception, and then a long gestation follows. Our ideas come to us in action, in events, but we know nothing of them till we sit down, reflect, and seem to find them spontaneously.

Nietzsche's moments of bliss came upon him in terror. Often his most pregnant thoughts presented to him in their fearful aspects. The Will to Power first appeared as the demon that plagues man; the Eternal Recurrence began as a demon's taunt; the Death of God began as a madman's lament. So his brightest concepts grew out of his deepest brooding, like diamonds in a crag.

Let us likewise treasure our moments of intensity, the melding of two ideas, when the heat joins the many into one, the bliss of conception – though for you or me it begins in humor, horror, confusion, impatience, or whatever mien our Muse prefers.


* 971*

Nonsense offers a formalistic exercise. Not for nothing was Lewis Carroll a logician. Nursery rhymes offer grammatical and semantical structuralism with little distraction from meaning and interpretation. Higher up, fairy tales offer basically all the plots, simplifying plausibility with the rhetorical mode of magic, the way the Pentateuch simplifies stories with the rhetorical mode of the divine. Grimm's, Genesis, the Eddas, the Arabian tales, any one these contains all the story forms, and an aspiring novelist could work any tale into something seemingly unrelated, merely by fitting the plot to plausible circumstances, rather than magic or the divine. Children want simplified forms, magic, which need not be defined. The complete myths of Greece offers the sheer greatest amount of character types in any collection of literature, and for this we keep reciting the religion, though few nowadays believe Zeus is King of Gods. His glory outspans our faith.


* 972 *

In my sleep, I call assemblies; the divines mind me then. I teach Jesus, Siddhartha, Emerson, and Muhammad, I give them a wider vista, I help them improve their heavens, I bless them and shine my sun's benevolence over them all. Rarely in waking moments have I felt such bliss as this.


* 973 *

Mattria, you are the Beginning – that's just one of your names. I know them all. You are the Beginning, the Allmother, Being and Becoming, Everything and Nothing, the All in All. By fate or fumble, I will have you; throw no chance at my fight, nor dice at my feet; think not time can entomb me. You are the ultimate gerundive: I must love you with all of my being — oh Amanda, oh Jillian, oh Daystar and Heartsong! I sigh and wait. Your name makes me thirst. Flesh to flesh you call to me, mouth to ear sequester me, till fevered fully for your face, I bless the heat that made this place.



-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy



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