Wednesday, May 30, 2018

update, allays 974-980

Daniel Christopher June to the Students of Life:


So I finally got paid for my work as a freelancer. The job of professional writer suits me, though I haven't been doing much of my passionate writing lately. Mostly, I've been editing old documents written a decade ago.

I have compiled a set of short stories for publication and am seeking an audience. If anybody wants a free copy of this collection of stories, Fingerfolds, let me know.

Natalie's broken arm has healed; on Friday we get the final xrays to see if its back to normal. Emilie has been fevered this week and missed school, but we've had a lot of time together without the distractions of the other children. Soon will be Summer break for all three, and I will be busy all day every day with them.

Take care, Caretakers!


* 974 *

It's not till you're broken that you see what you're made of, the stuff of your guts, your ligaments, bones. Illness teaches health. When a thing goes wrong, you realize finally that it had been going right. The keenest thief takes what you don't know you have.


* 975 *

So many ideologists – those who spin systems of ideas – would undefine the inconvenient terms of their opponent, as if "God," "Mind," "Freedom," "Soul," "Eternity," could be defined into or out of existence. They get lazy like that. Every term corresponds to a given experience, and that experience is the meaning. The way we live our lives because of that shows the meaning full grown.


* 976 *

We've been doomeager since the beginning, what with the flood stories the whole world delighted in, and to this day America has been especially doomeager, what with the Millerites, the Malthusians, the Cold War nuclear fallout prophets, Global Warming science, and every manner of disaster film the human imagination could produce. So many ways we've imagined catastrophe and we can never get enough. Science isn't objective: it's politically funded and so politically reigned. Scientific Materialism, the metaphysic that calls itself "no-metaphysic," is merely another ideology amidst the rest. Each offers something, none offers everything, for any selection is already an evaluation. Doom is certain, perpetual and recurrent, on until the never-to-be-reached end – so dance and sing, my children, be free!

What's the difference between a lie and a trick? A trick is a lie sanctioned by a game. The cunning shall prevail! Truth is whatever we act upon.


* 977 *

Gaze gets hypnotized. Look long at the sun and all the world has an afterburn. When we study architecture, everything looks architectural; when painting, picturesque. The Christian sees sin everywhere, the feminist patriarchy, the communist exploitation, the minority racism, the weakling persecution. Our inner I takes on the shape of whatever its focus, and retains that shape upon each new object, so that obsessions, such as the worship of Allah, internalize the God into our mind and we think through that. Ideas are the means by which we see reality. Reflection is realization – by which we evade such a pitch.


* 978 *

Selection is the essence of art. The work of art makes prominent, not a figure who is sort of this way or that, but all the way this way or that, representative of a type, for life is too subtle and ambiguous to see aright. That is why children love exaggerations and drastic stories – evil stepmothers, wicked witches, granted wishes, eternal rewards, horrible curses, cruel deaths. Henry James is meaningless to anybody under ten.


* 979 *

I call it healthy racism to delight in the accomplishments of one's race – insofar as he identifies with it – while desisting from hating other races. The pride in one's family, city, state, nation, hemisphere, and in the future, planet, count as excellences and as healthy self-esteem. Pride is celebrating one's ascendency, and humility is recognizing one's failings: both give visions of truth.


* 980 *

The betrayal of the beloved is the greatest offense, the desertion of one's child the worst. Siddartha escaping his son and wife; Augustine referring to the mother of his son as a trifle and toy; Aquinas, receiving a mystic experience and then abandoning his Summa; these are types of the same, the ill-betiding we hear again in the proclamation, "Hate your mother, wife, and child," which Jesus commands his followers, or in Yahweh jealously testing Abraham to see if he would betray his child. Heaven is a temptation. A mother never abandons her child. Ama loves us for time and eternity, now and forever – Vivoce!



-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy


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