Monday, August 22, 2011

"the glossalia of redefinition" a section of an essay

Greetings Students of Life, beloved of my Soul!


We return at last to the actual strategies for winning the game of life, and here Allism has a difference: it seeks to master language, to see through it, to learn all we can from sophism. Strive for mastery. This essay makes a unique metaphor out of Glossalia, which means speaking in tongues, presumably speaking the language of angels. I take it as the ability to make words mean anything with the right control of tone and style.


Take care, Caretakers,


Daniel Christopher June




3. The Glossalia of Redefinition



            The Glossalia of philosophy is to make all words melt, as if inspiring Sophia to lust. All things melt together, all language is interchangeable. I can say any words and mean the same thing. For everything thinkable is true, but how it is true requires further interpretation.

            The Allistic trick is to say the same things with a new meaning, to enliven it with a different spirit, like the transubstantiated bread of the Church which is yet the same sculpture of grain. The Allistic Glossalia, for which the flamed tongue is again our symbol, is to say the same words over again and to mean something else by them. We are religious--we call ourselves Christian or Atheist, or Buddhist, or Islamic, but we are more than those things, those are just a supporting layer over which the Spirit of Allism resides and controls. Was I born Christian? Very well I will praise that as the one true religion, and really believe it, while yet believing and knowing that whatever other religion I was born in, I would also have regarded that as the One True, and I would be no more right, and no more wrong, because sectarianism is good and healthy, on the level of sects, but on the higher consciousness of the All, those sects are limited perspectives. Nor is the All sufficient to itself without those sects.

            “Beware of finding more than a sign language in Jesus’ talk, a semiology, an occasion for parables. For this anti-realist, that not a word is taken literally is precisely the presupposition of being able to speak at all. Among Indians he would have availed himself of Sankhya concepts; among the Chinese those of Lao Tse – without having felt any difference.” The spirit fills any body, tone subdues all its materials.

            How a thing starts is how it will stay: initiation is perpetuation. And yet the beginning of the All is distributed at all times, and moves in every direction at once, a time that moves backwards to prepare itself, and forwards to receive itself. Once the spine of a book has been creased, when you open it, that same crease will fold; once you have established some valves for relieving stress--alcohol, cigarettes, praying, whatever--you will think of them whenever the pages of your soul are bent. Breaking a habit is much harder than making a new one.

            Know therefore how to make absolute habits. The ability to hold something sacred in your private view is a great power. It takes a god to bless. The blessings of everyday men hold no weight, and they keep the Sabbath sacred in vain. What they call “God” is a petty thing. The holy man knows how to make something truly sacred and divine and infinite, by feeling it to be so, believing it to be so, talking of it correctly, and acting as if it were so, with no exceptions. Exceptions sabotage. Therefore, know how to include what you oppose. Stage a fake divorce to preserve your marriage; make enemies to drain off your negative emotions– all religious people blaspheme and invent the blasphemies for their own religion and all the others, every taboo is periodically enjoyed. If you redefine a word, you must consistently apply its logic, or it will be washed away like sugar in the storm.

            Knowing how to turn a story to any moral you please, how to interpret any fiction to fit your needs, requires clever eyes. Glossalia, mastering the layers of religion, and assuming the place of the Creator, make you an Allist.









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