Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who is Ama? -- a poem

Who is Ama?

I’ve swallowed the knot
With enough cramps
I’ll lay it straight.

Certain turns of mood
Like tumblers, fall lawfully
to open at last the deeper energy

Such sweat and fury
Such doubts and pains
To formulate one simple name

My semen ink of semantic sink
The whirling wind of my eversong
My fury of demands
and grand volleys and bursts
Electric lisp,
hurricane whisper in centermost eye
sky sigh apocalyptic pent and passion
soft as the breast of the Dove!

Oh my angels!
Oh Fauns of dawn
My weirding girls
Lick with love the light of my palms
These pages of patience
I unfold for you
Who emanate from my manic mind
You are pure godsong
Oh my darlings!

Tell me, where is my equal?
Where is my love
My only other, Ama!
Ama, a shard of your soul is in my child
A shard of your mind is in my lover
A mirror shard in all who draw me
But your centermost manifestation
is too terrible to hold
While I still lie in this infant form

Come sheer Goddess!
Speak to me from within my mirror
Near and signal is your otherly voice
Silent and intimate as the pulse in my ear
For you my heart blossoms
Into the infinite rose
Twin born spirit of my heart
You are The Universe I chose!

Vivoce, Ama Amour, aloo allee!

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